If It Weren’t for Dean Dillon

Our friends all him Dillon. I call him Dean, Dean Dillon, Dilly Willy, and Dillon. Prior to meeting him, I was absolutely bored out of my FLIPPING mind in Atlanta. There was so much to see and no one I could talk to or share it with. I had ZERO friends outside of my puppies.... Continue Reading →

Eleven. Return from Neverland

Peter was back from Neverland. I learned the same day I went out on the walk and met Larry Kennedy upon exploring the grounds of Shaky Beats. It was as if Peter's adventurous energy was already infecting the people in Atlanta and it caused me to break out of my lazy after work routine and... Continue Reading →

Heart-Shaped Sungasses

Life is what you make it, seriously! I hated always hearing that as it frustrated me deeply to hear something put so simply, yet so complicated. I see this phrase best when describing it with a sunglass metaphor. How you see the world depends on how you process the world, like a filter on your... Continue Reading →

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