What is Finding Neverland?

Finding Neverland is the only reason why this blog exists and the start of my creative bravery. I was coming out of a dark place in my life and starting a new chapter and determined to make it the best one yet in my life. I believe people come into our lives for a reason,... Continue Reading →

If It Weren’t for Dean Dillon

Our friends all him Dillon. I call him Dean, Dean Dillon, Dilly Willy, and Dillon. Prior to meeting him, I was absolutely bored out of my FLIPPING mind in Atlanta. There was so much to see and no one I could talk to or share it with. I had ZERO friends outside of my puppies.... Continue Reading →

Abby. The Baddest Bitch I Know.

Ever watch Gossip Girl? Then you know Blair Waldorf. She is the kind of best friend you want as your friend and NOT as your enemy. She is the most loyal and kind-hearted person ever, but start a war with her, and you might as well just surrender- less bloodshed. Abby is that person. She... Continue Reading →

Fernanda’s Introduction

I think it is very important for me to introduce a couple of my friends that I most certainly be sharing scandalous stories of on our Paris-Eurotrip. Fernanda is a special kind of person and is most definitely a unicorn. It is very hard to appropriately describe Fernanda with words. If you have the pleasure... Continue Reading →

New York Nights

Yes, I was swept away sitting in the lobby of the Dream Lounge in the front. Apparently, I was waiting in the incorrect meeting spot for my Air BnB escort to find me and did know it just yet.   A group of very attractive men walked in. They were a lively bunch, all wearing... Continue Reading →

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