In the Face of Adversity

Growing up, I realized that people revealed who they truly were when things "got tough." Adversity tends to bring out people's true colors, you can really learn a lot about someone when there is struggle to endure. The only thing we really are in control of is ourselves and how we choose to react to any... Continue Reading →

Hopeless Romantic in Disguise

I am calloused and have been broken. I let a fucked up kind of love freeze over what used to be a heart capable of loving someone deeper than they could imagine- or ever deserve. Was it even love for him? At this point, I don't know what was real in that relationship. Walls have... Continue Reading →

Surfing The Highs and Lows in Life

Struggle. Everyone goes through a tough moment in life. It's inevitable. Life isn't all fucking rainbows and unicorns. Although, this utopia of a reality is unrealistic. To try and achieve such audacious measures will be a painful journey for yourself. The shock of the whiplash that happens every time something doesn't go as planned in... Continue Reading →

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