Love Found in a Hostel World

In London, there is a major PSA that is painted on the grown, blown up onto huge posters on the walls, and there's even souvenirs, hats, t-shirts, you name it with these words on it. When I first got to London, I did not understand the obsession or the worry over such a thing. I... Continue Reading →

A Spark

This is just a Starbucks cup with a really cool way to sign my name, yes, I know. However, what this cup represents for me is why it gets a post all on its own. In Versailles, there's a Starbucks unlike any I have ever been. The coffee tastes better, even the pastries and juices... Continue Reading →

Notre Dame

It was my first day in Paris and the first stop after some very delicious crepes was Notre Dame. I knew not to expect the Disney Princess movie, but I was eager to see the architecture and how grand it would be in person. It took roughly near two whole centuries to finish the massive... Continue Reading →

Eiffel Tower

Before coming to Paris, I heard a lot of people say how they would never want to go to Paris. "It's too cliche." "It's too overrated." Me, I like to figure things out for myself, so I was excited to go to Paris, and of course, I had to see the Eiffel Tower. Abby had... Continue Reading →

Euro-peeing: European Bathrooms

Well, here is a tourist moment for ya! I heard that Europe charges for bathrooms, sometimes up to 5 Euros. That adds up if you aren't careful! I didn't realize how much of a problem and experience this was going to create for me and Abby in Paris. Some are free, and those always had... Continue Reading →

Eleven. Return from Neverland

Peter was back from Neverland. I learned the same day I went out on the walk and met Larry Kennedy upon exploring the grounds of Shaky Beats. It was as if Peter's adventurous energy was already infecting the people in Atlanta and it caused me to break out of my lazy after work routine and... Continue Reading →

Au revoir

With New York down in the books, and it was an epic adventure, I am shocked at my bravery to which I just pulled the trigger to do. I always pushed myself to be academically successful, as well as professionally. I have done very well in those areas, but haven’t given myself the needed time,... Continue Reading →

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