Choices and Regrets, a Ripple Effect

I usually do not use the term regret. It isn't a part of my vocabulary. However, today, I feel so much of that ugly word. Regret is NOT a solo act. It shines with supporting emotions like depression and anxiety. Along with worry and the feeling of being unworthy. We have all been there and... Continue Reading →

What is Neverland?

Technically, Neverland is a fictional location featured in the works of J. M. Barrie and those based on them. It is an imaginary faraway place, where Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys and other mythical creatures and beings live. It is a place where you never grow old. You don't lose your sense of... Continue Reading →

Addicted to Sugar?

It's amazing what small changes can make in the human body. For me, I was addicted to sugar and it is so bad for you! I have taken small baby-steps that I was comfortable with to slowly get myself away from a sugar-heavy diet. Here's how! FACT: Your body doesn't need any added sugar, it... Continue Reading →

Reading is Really Powerful

Reading is really powerful. It really is! It fills our brain with new vocabulary and a new imaginative world. Reading has the power to transport us to places we could never dream of and escape our sometimes harsh realities. It can help us learn about ourselves and help us create positive changes in our lives to become... Continue Reading →

Stress Kills, Will You Let it Kill You?

Stress causes a plethora of illnesses that are absolutely preventable! Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. How we respond dictates if STRESS WILL KILL YOU. There is also good stress, called eustress. This kind of stress motivates you to get things done and doesn't adversely affect you or... Continue Reading →

Trust Me…

Everyone seems to know what they are talking about in regards to exercise and nutrition. Experts, gurus- my first question is, where are they getting this information they are telling me? I like to make sure there is evidence behind everything that I do regarding my exercise and my nutrition and what information I share with... Continue Reading →

Healthy Habits

This is a tough one.  Seems like for ages, people have been doing whatever fitness and diet fad there is to try and lose fat off our bodies and look better for society, or whomever you are looking good for.  Health is a complex equation that you can master, one habit at a time and... Continue Reading →

Monday Madness

It is the inevitable Monday. The day that reminds you of your weekend fun because it is making your Monday SO MUCH HARDER. I am sitting at work and am having such a difficult time trying to focus. The weekend fun, I can still feel it; the energy from the weekend, and the lack of energy... Continue Reading →

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