What is Finding Neverland?

Finding Neverland is the only reason why this blog exists and the start of my creative bravery. I was coming out of a dark place in my life and starting a new chapter and determined to make it the best one yet in my life. I believe people come into our lives for a reason,... Continue Reading →

Eleven. Return from Neverland

Peter was back from Neverland. I learned the same day I went out on the walk and met Larry Kennedy upon exploring the grounds of Shaky Beats. It was as if Peter's adventurous energy was already infecting the people in Atlanta and it caused me to break out of my lazy after work routine and... Continue Reading →

Wendy’s History

Why was Peter so pivotal in Wendy's life? Missed the previous story? Start HERE! Wendy didn't just decide to go down a different path mentally and physically in life because she met a guy. She was not that kind of girl anymore and was in a solid relationship with herself. Although, to some extent, she... Continue Reading →

Seven. Last Time Wendy Saw Peter

The whole day Wendy felt anxious. She had so much to tell him but it would possibly be premature. She didn't know how little or how much she would want to disclose. So she began thinking of the options. What it boiled down to, she loved him. Wendy loved him as a person. He brought... Continue Reading →

Six. Ponce City Sleepover

  Wendy walked in wearing a black silk romper and black glitter Betsy Johnson heels. Since it was chilly, she wore a merlot faux fur bomber jacket over it. She nailed that outfit, and when she walked in, it was as if the room looked all at once at her and she found her friends. It... Continue Reading →

Three. Peter Teaches Wendy to Fly

With one o’clock approaching, Wendy uses the location sent by Peter to find her way to the Atlanta Beltline to the specific location he had texted to Wendy. Walking up to the park, Wendy grew more and more nervous. She realized what she had truly agreed to. ACROYOGA. Not aerial yoga, which is what she... Continue Reading →

Two. Wendy’s Crazy Childhood Dream

Growing up children are told that they can be whatever they want to be. Wendy had a lot of socially accepted ideas and put her on a path to achieve professional success. Wendy was always a studious and extremely ambitious girl. While acing college, she found herself yearning to sell everything she owned and travel... Continue Reading →

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