Paris Bound

I CAN'T BELIEVE THE TIME IS HERE. I leave in two days for Paris. I have never been out of North America and can not wait to see Europe.  However, that excitement that I know is there is being stifled by fear.  What a nuisance! While fear does have some benefits, I find that it... Continue Reading →

Ironically Fearful

There are seven days until I start my adventure to a Neverland I have never seen- Europe. Initially, I was thrilled with the plans to visit five countries and see all these incredibly beautiful locations. Now, I can feel the pressure to have a perfectly packed backpack with two weeks worth of supplies. I feel the... Continue Reading →

Prepping for Paris

Holy Shit! Sorry, pardon my french. I can not believe it is already July and I am going to be in Europe in less than two weeks. It is surreal and I realize how little I have actually done in preparation for this solo excursion. I am excited and so flippin' nervous.  What was meant to... Continue Reading →

Choices and Regrets, a Ripple Effect

I usually do not use the term regret. It isn't a part of my vocabulary. However, today, I feel so much of that ugly word. Regret is NOT a solo act. It shines with supporting emotions like depression and anxiety. Along with worry and the feeling of being unworthy. We have all been there and... Continue Reading →

What is Neverland?

Technically, Neverland is a fictional location featured in the works of J. M. Barrie and those based on them. It is an imaginary faraway place, where Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys and other mythical creatures and beings live. It is a place where you never grow old. You don't lose your sense of... Continue Reading →

Shaky Beats 2018

I LOVE MUSIC FESTIVALS, and the most memorable and life-changing are electric dance music festivals or EDM. If you haven't been, you probably don't' get it and possibly have judged them. If you have gone to one, you know of the life-changing energy and amazing music sets you have witnessed. I have been to a... Continue Reading →

If It Weren’t for Dean Dillon

Our friends all him Dillon. I call him Dean, Dean Dillon, Dilly Willy, and Dillon. Prior to meeting him, I was absolutely bored out of my FLIPPING mind in Atlanta. There was so much to see and no one I could talk to or share it with. I had ZERO friends outside of my puppies.... Continue Reading →

Abby. The Baddest Bitch I Know.

Ever watch Gossip Girl? Then you know Blair Waldorf. She is the kind of best friend you want as your friend and NOT as your enemy. She is the most loyal and kind-hearted person ever, but start a war with her, and you might as well just surrender- less bloodshed. Abby is that person. She... Continue Reading →

Fernanda’s Introduction

I think it is very important for me to introduce a couple of my friends that I most certainly be sharing scandalous stories of on our Paris-Eurotrip. Fernanda is a special kind of person and is most definitely a unicorn. It is very hard to appropriately describe Fernanda with words. If you have the pleasure... Continue Reading →

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