A Funny Story: In My Own World

So while Versailles was magical, a little comedy did find me as it always seems to do in life. Hopefully, this makes you laugh as it does I.

My friend Abby and I were dying at the beautiful visuals in every garden and room in the Chateau de Versailles.  They were breathtaking and there were moments were jet lag would start to get to me and an overwhelming feeling would sweep me away and I would cry. Yes, I am that girl crying in the movie theater to every heart-tingly moment. So my good friend Abby would hold my hand and just help me enjoy the moment. She is awesome.

Anywho, when we went back for the night and light show in the gardens, it ended with a pyrotechnic light show with classical music in the background.  I was yet again moved to tears and I felt Abby grab my hand.

Minutes later, I turned to look back, only to not see Abby but a guy that I did not know was holding my hand. I freak and shrieked and pulled my hand from his and continued to look at the mesmerizing show. If there was anything that would distract me from the beauty that was before me, it would be that, but only for a moment. I continued to enjoy the show and made sure to clasp both of my hands in front of me. No more surprises there.  Later, I shared with my girlfriends the tale of the night and they laughed at the fun little scare I just had.

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