Through Fate, a Tour and a Hostel: Brussels Redemption



Meant to be. 

Everything happens for a reason…

I think it is safe to assume that for one reason or another, one of the above words or phrases resonates with you. Brussels may have gotten started off on the wrong foot and gave me a negative first impression, but I was determined to see this leg of the trip through. I was going to go on a free walking tour in hopes to meet people, in hopes to understand what makes Brussels- Brussels.

After the first rocky day, but then redeeming night in Brussels, I decided to set a course to do a “free walking tour” to learn more about the city. I figured I may grow to like this city more if I learned more about it and it’s history.

I used my Google Maps App to guide me through the windy streets and allies to the Grand Square.

You knew instantly you had found what you were looking for. You were in these narrow streets trying to navigate and find your way, and then you stumble out of what it feels like the woods into an open field. It was a huge square with cobblestone brick. Huge stone buildings with intricate statues and gold detailing- all surrounded the large open square filled with people. It was magnificent and I was intrigued.

Trying to locate where I was supposed to be I ran into girls from the same hostel and we all ended up going to the same walking tour. It was the best walking tour-ever. The guide made me fall in love with Brussels. From the mannequin de pis to the frites and Belgium beer, the made the city seem charming and she sold me what she was selling.

The best part of the tour was the people that were in that group with me. We all seeming to have a sort of chemistry and energy about us. We were laughing and exchanging stories and why were in Brussels. At the end of the tour, we all decided to tour the Grand Palace together as well as the journey across the city, on foot, to find the best Frites ever!

It was a solid day in Brussels and it completely changed my mind away from my first impression. The group of new friends I had made all agreed to meet at Delirium that very night to continue this fun day we had together. This led to more drinking in and we ended up in the square where we all met, it was beautiful, all lit up standing bright in the dark navy blue night sky.


My final day in Brussels was heavy. The new friends I had made, I was sad to leave. I wanted to continue the experience, the exploration, the friendship, and memories. Luckily, for some, it wasn’t a goodbye, but a see-you-later on this journey. Through speaking of where we all were going to end up, we learned our paths would be crossing very soon for some. I was thrilled! I was lucky to be meeting 3 of the girls I made friends with in Amsterdam and another in London. I would see them again and I was so excited to see what would happen in those cities having friends to explore the city through adventure and food.

I would have to say, reflecting on Brussels, I am so glad I didn’t let my initial judgment get in the way of me giving this city a second chance. I almost left the first day! I am so glad I did not. I made forever friends and I know I will see them again as I sit and type this out in my home in the United States. This is why I wanted to travel, for the serendipitous moments, they feel like magic and fill my soul. I owe it to a combination of things, from the people I met at my hostel (thank you Hostelworld!), the people from my walking tour and the universal unifier of beer drinking games, I made the best memories in Brussels and I will forever cherish those moments. Even though I was sad this part of the journey was coming to a close, I was so eager to go finally see a place I have been dying to go explore: Amsterdam.

I Am Amsterdam, Full Steam Ahead

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