A Spark

This is just a Starbucks cup with a really cool way to sign my name, yes, I know. However, what this cup represents for me is why it gets a post all on its own.

In Versailles, there’s a Starbucks unlike any I have ever been. The coffee tastes better, even the pastries and juices they offer makes takes this Starbucks to another level over the American ones I have frequently visited.

The guy who gave me this cup was downright attractive. I saw him two days in a row in Versailles for my morning coffee. I told Abby that he was cute and she could tell based on how awkwardly nervous I would get around really anyone when this would be true. She demanded I go up to him and ask him to meet up with us later that night at a bar called “No Water” in Versailles. She made a point to say,

What do you have to lose?

I wanted to be ballsy, I wanted to do exactly what Abby asked of me, I mean why shouldn’t I? But, I just could not do so. My feet felt glued to the floor. My anxiety climbed and fear I couldn’t identify where it was coming from kept me firmly in my seat drinking out of this Starbucks cup. I didn’t end up talking to him, by the time I decided I would, he went to the back and I did not see him again. I decided that I wasn’t going to let opportunities to pass again. I mean, what if?

Now that I am home, sitting on my couch reflecting on this moment, I am so glad I made that decision because of what happened in London. This story, I can not wait to tell.

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