Notre Dame

It was my first day in Paris and the first stop after some very delicious crepes was Notre Dame. I knew not to expect the Disney Princess movie, but I was eager to see the architecture and how grand it would be in person. It took roughly near two whole centuries to finish the massive and impressive church. Notre Dame was so much greater than I could have imagined. Next, to it, I felt small and was eager to see what was housed inside the stone carved walls.

The gothic arches were so magnificent and did not fail on the inside of Notre Dame.

I got the sense that my breathing would be taken away many different times on my euro-trip travels and this was a promising start. The chandeliers and archways kept the eye wandering down the ceilings from front to end and corner to corner. Chills kept creeping up my spine giving me goosebumps on my arm in the ninety-degree heat.

Abby and I walked through the church seeing all the areas for people to go and pray. Everything was so beautiful, with relics and gifts from across the world and every culture on display. So much intricate detail and everything so awe-inspiring.

Abby and I found our way around the entire church and decided to sit in one of the chairs in a pue. I remember breathing very deep and slowly as if I wanted to take it all in. I love being able to slow life down and make sure to enjoy the moment, savor it. The thought of my Grandma on my mother’s side filled my mind. I wish she was here with me, she would so appreciate Notre Dame, she would know what to tell me of each relic and statue. She lost Grandpa this past year, and I could feel tears filling my eyes up. I so wished she would find her happiness and push her outside her comfort zone to come to see Notre Dame for herself.

I shared this with Abby, she knew I was getting emotional and recommended I go light a candle for her. On our way out we donated our euros and lit a candle for my Grandma. We left Notre Dame with our spirits lifted and ready for the next Parisian Adventure.


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