Eiffel Tower

Before coming to Paris, I heard a lot of people say how they would never want to go to Paris.

“It’s too cliche.”

“It’s too overrated.”

Me, I like to figure things out for myself, so I was excited to go to Paris, and of course, I had to see the Eiffel Tower. Abby had planned out the entire Paris leg of my trip and she had already killed it with showing me around Versailles.

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Abby saved the Eiffel Tower until the end of the day and saved the best for last. We were exhausted, my phone indicated we had walked fourteen miles that day. Legs dragging, Abby turned around and asked me to close my eyes. She told me to trust her. I shuffled my feet trying not to accidentally trip over anything. Feeling hundreds of people swarming around me, I tried to remain calm. I could feel the ground changing from cobblestone to something smooth, like marble. Abby brought me to a stopping point. She told me to hold on, took off my sunglasses and told me to open my eyes.

I WAS NOT READY for was in front of me. It was simply a bunch of steel crafted into a tower, yet it was so magnificent and glorious from which it stood. Tears immediately shot up to my eyes. May it was jet lag, or maybe it was how striking the view was, but I couldn’t stop crying. The start of this journey has exposed me to so many wonderful things this world has to offer.

Us group of girls quickly had an impromptu photo shoot where we did not care who was around. This was our moment and we were owning it.

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Afterward, we took in the view and stared into the distance. It was quite marvelous hanging out in Paris by the Eiffel Tower. We talked and eventually decided to go back to Versailles for a solid nights worth of sleep. It was needed at this point between juggling the jet lag, the 14 miles/day walk and the constant rush of adrenaline.

Paris, the Eiffel tower is iconic and you did not disappoint. ❤





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