Hall of Mirrors

Back in the era of Marie Antionette and Louis XIV having mirrors was a sign of great wealth. I am talking a hand mirror. If you had two? That would have been a big deal. Louis XIV wanted people to talk of Versailles and for everyone across the world to talk of Versailles. That would explain the thought and intricacies of every detail of the Chateau and the grounds of Versailles. Hundreds of years later, people still flock from every corner of the globe to have an opportunity to see the priceless views of Versailles. I am so glad I did.

Louis the XIV designed a rectangular, oblong room. Walking in, to the left was a wall of mirrors, gold, and detailed paintings. To the right, a wall of windows strategically places so that the light will come in and strike the line up of chandeliers down the center of the whole entire room. It may have been the jet lag, or maybe it was the Hall of Mirrors, but when I entered the air left my lungs, I gasped. I could not believe my eyes. The light danced all over the room through the chandeliers bending the light to glitter all over onto the gold accents and bouncing off the wall of mirrors. Emotion filled my chest and was reaching my eyes, they were wet with tears. I began to cry. The timeless beauty of Versailles was incredibly moving and completely caught me by surprise. The time, the effort, the one-of-a-kind beauty mesmerized me as I spun around through the room trying to engrave what I was seeing into my mind for a lifelong memory.

The Hall of Mirrors is definitely my top three things I got to see and experience on my travels through Europe.

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Enjoy, I tried my hardest to capture the essence and power of that room:




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