Shakespeare & Company

I did not know of this place prior. Shakespeare & Company, a bookstore that is tucked away in Paris, France. It was a place where the great writers used to all meet, read, and write. Hemingway and Whitman, just to namedrop a couple. Outside there were quotes written on the shutters of the store and the bench. There were books out on display everywhere. I got so excited. (I have a dream of owning a  house with nothing but bookshelves for walls. Kind of like a Beauty and the Beast moment).

Abby and I walked inside and it was a cramped bookstore, like a maze. We snaked our way through the store, looking at all the books. The beautiful thing about this store wasn’t what they were selling, but instead, what was on the walls. There were pictures of famous writers of when they were personally there. There were quotes painted on the walls and on the staircase leading upstairs. I found writing tips underneath the stairs. A wall full of notes and writings from the travelers across the world who came to visit Shakespeare and Company.  There was a room where you weren’t allowed to purchase the books, but lounge around and read from the bookcases. This place is every reader and writer’s dream.

I decided this was the place to get a souvenir. I packed a small, compact, filled-to-the-brim 22-L bag, so space something I had to spare. A book was something I could figure out how to pack it, and I love books. I love buying obvious purchases and try to never force myself to buy something “just because.” I purchased Ernest Hemingway’s, “A Moveable Feast.” Abby recommended it and I trust that girl’s opinion, she has never done me wrong. The bookstore stamped the first page with their special “Shakespeare and Company” stamp. Going to an iconic place like this really inspired me to keep on writing. It’s what I love to do and so I shall continue. ❤

At this point, I had seen so little of Paris, France. Yet, I felt like I could have left then happy! Then, I was so glad I still had about two more weeks of this unplanned, cultured fun. I got chills thinking of all that was to come.

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