Just Call Me Marie, Marie Antionette

Versailles is a magical place.

It was full of pastels, old shutters, fresh produce markets, meat markets, flower markets and tall green trees. It was very hot out, but that did not bother me with what I was surrounded by. This place was so striking. Trying to recreate it in a photo is nearly impossible. Only one could truly understand Versailles if one has been to take it all in face to face with this beautiful city.


We didn’t waste any time, regardless of jet lag, we went straight to the most magical part of Versaille, Chateau de Versaille, the palace and home of Marie Antionette centuries ago. I read her diary multiple times growing up and have seen the movie made with Kirsten Dunst, so the excitement of taking this real life had me feeling like a little kid all over again.


Versailles was beyond what I could have imagined. Magical, magnificent and it utterly shook my soul. You know “the book is better than the movie” kinda thing, well imagine visiting the place, the actual location where those real people lived and threw their amazing parties in there amazing and intricate gardens and then to also see the inside of the chateau- magnificent.

Versailles, you have captured my heart and I am so glad I captured you through photos and memories. I will never forget you!

We started our adventure with a bike ride through Versailles. Abby had the entire time planned out for while I was in Paris. I trusted her to have that much power. She had lived in Versailles for nearly three months at that point, so I knew she would maximize my time. I was so right with that instinct. Boy, did she ever deliver!

The bike ride was the perfect way to start my journey in Europe. It brought out a side of me I thought was long gone, dead. I lost my ability to have fun due to a traumatic life event and have been searching to find it again in life. This bike ride made me so excited and euphoric, I was on cloud nine. I was riding a bike through Versailles where MARIE ANTIONETTE herself walked and enjoyed her life. Surreal was an understatement. I also hadn’t ridden a bike for years which only added to the magic of these moments. Afterward, we had to have some gelato to cool off.


We explored the grounds of Versailles that are opened to the public. We kept it “simple” that day. It may have been the jet lab, but the scenery gave me life and took it all at the same time. I found my eyes filled with tears of joy countless times. The gardens were unreal, full of intricate detail and so many striking and bold colors. I fell in love with Versailles immediately and like I was 12 years old again, I wished I could be Marie Antionette to live the lavish life she was able to enjoy her short-lived life.

The next day, we got to explore every part of Versailles. Day two easily topped day one.


One thing that was so very cool was we got to walk where Marie Antionette’s personal little village was originally built. It was exactly as it was in the movie and exactly what I imagined from the descriptions in the book I read prior to that. I was having a major girl moment and could not contain my excitement at every corner. I will let the pictures do all the talking now:

Inside the Chateau:


The Church within the Chateau

At night all of the gardens on the grounds of Versailles are transformed. There are lights of all sort for each garden to light them up in a way that brought them to life. They danced in all colors, some had dry ice creating fog to go along with the water theme of one statue in the garden. The place was surreal. Every corner had champagne and wine available, making this the ultimate adult part. It is probably the closest I will ever get to partying with Marie Antionette. It was unforgettable.

At the end of the evening, everyone partaking in the fun gathered down the lawn behind the chateau where fireworks and pyrotechnics shot up the green in rhythm to the music that was eighteenth-century appropriate.  This is an experience that won’t leave your memories so easily. I will never forget the child-like feeling I felt when I watched those fireworks fill up the black sky of Versailles.



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