Euro-peeing: European Bathrooms

Well, here is a tourist moment for ya!

I heard that Europe charges for bathrooms, sometimes up to 5 Euros. That adds up if you aren’t careful! I didn’t realize how much of a problem and experience this was going to create for me and Abby in Paris. Some are free, and those always had extensive lines that would almost ensure you to wet your pants if you waited until the last minute. SO DON’T EVER WAIT until the last minute, trust me here.

When it is your turn, the cylindrical cubical has a place for you to pay or press a button to let the robot restroom know you are ready to “go.”  The door opens like some futuristic movie and you hesitate to do so, but climb in. The door shuts and you are in. After you do your business, you have to press a button to indicate if it was a #1 situation or #2. That will tell the robot restroom what kind of flush to do when you leave the cubicle. You use the automatic system for cleaning your hands. Tip, try to press what language you speak prior to ending so that the automated voice doesn’t start yelling at you. I did NOT do this and ended up with a voice with a French accent speaking French to me which sounded like: “Don’t do that.” Made the experience more of an…. experience. 

On one of my last nights in Paris, my friend Abby (if you haven’t had the pleasure to read about her, do it: Abby. The Baddest Bitch I Know. ), had to use the bathroom so bad after a long day of sightseeing So, on our way back we made a plan to look for the FIRST bathroom we could find. I could hear the urgency in Abby’s voice when she said that. We found at least 3 restrooms that were OUT OF ORDER. Shit out of luck, right?


When you think of Paris, we all think of romance, love, the Eiffel Tower; not two girls desperately looking for a bathroom to pee in.

Well, my friend did NOT find the bathroom and she DID pee in a random garden on the streets of Paris near the Eiffel Tower. I did stand watch and make sure she did NOT get arrested. For those of you who care, my friend definitely defined “had to pee like a “racehorse” that find Parisian night.

Stay tuned for future posts on my adventures in Europe! The trip was life-changing, don’t have FOMO and miss out!

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