Welcome to Paris

The whole waiting game at the airport was so suspenseful. I read articles for work and then started a short read I planned to finish in transit. I was so excited to just make it to where I was headed. It was more than a destination, it was going to be a pivotal moment in my life. I could just feel the memories and experiences right ahead.

Paris was definitely meant for playing. The scenery sparked some sort of child-like response and I could not stop smiling at everything that was placed around me. Everything was ancient and you could feel it had a history and a depth to it waiting to be explored.

Immediately upon getting out of the Juval Train Station, you got a view of the Eifel tower. I literally had to stop walking to stare at it, to take it in. I could have been in the middle of the road, I wouldn’t have known, and I would have been hit by a car and died completely happy at that moment. Making sure I wouldn’t meet my demise at the start of this journey, I made sure I stopped gawking and got safely across the road. I couldn’t wait to see it up close, but there it was, effortlessly standing ahead of me in all its glory. The excitement of the next two weeks sent a shiver up and down my spine. I was in France, Paris, France headed to Versailles. At this moment, I felt so lucky to be standing where I was looking ahead at all the possibilities and memories that awaited for me!

Looking around, I could see what this was the fashion capital of the world. Everyone was dressed so timeless whether it be their suit or high-waisted skirt in solid colors or a bold polka-dotted print, everyone looked great. Red lipstick is a staple in France, as I expected. That was the one thing I did pack into my small 22-L backpack

It was a literal miracle that I was able to close this bag, but it fits everything I needed!

that was meant for nearly three weeks. I impressed myself with what I managed to fit into that bag. The fact I felt confident in my selections blew me away. You should see my closet and what I typically wear in three weeks versus what I actually packed. I was about to prove to myself what I was capable of in the world of minimalism across the Atlantic Ocean far from home. The unknown excited me.


I met my friend Abby at the train station in Versailles. You could have pinched me twice and I still may not have believed where I was. But I was there standing in Versailles where Marie Antionette had lived. (I STILL have a hard time wrapping my head around the amazing experiences I had the pleasure to call mine). I managed to navigate my way from the airport all the way through the Paris train system to Versailles with no error. I was growing to love public transportation; I really shouldn’t be allowed to drive, it’s dangerous. The view right outside the train station was picturesque, absolutely beautiful, the kind of beauty I have never experienced in person. The scenery captivated me and I tried to engrave it into my memory instead of trying to capture all the perfect photos on my well-equipped iPhone. I stood there and wondered what would unfold at the start of my journey here in Versaille. Abby was staying in a seventeenth-century villa that wasn’t short of charming. With no AC or elevator, we climbed four stories to where we were all going to be staying for the next four days.

The view out of our window over Versailles


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