I Am Amsterdam, Full Steam Ahead

Gosh, Time surely flies by, especially when it is time well spent!

With Brussels behind me, I can’t believe a week has already flown by and so much good has already happened! One more week to go and it includes The Netherlands.

The Netherlands, I am so ready for this adventure.

Sitting on another train, Amsterdam is, literally, just on the horizon and I can not wait to see this city! This is a place I have wanted to go for quite some time.

Maybe it is because it has had a bad rep for its sinful history.

Maybe it is because I want to see for myself.

& maybe it is because I want to see the city for who she is and not what others say.

For these reasons, I am excited to see Amsterdam for what it really is instead of basing my opinion on outside influences I have received from adults growing up. From friends in today’s world, I heard the city is beautiful.

This train could go faster as I am so excited to see this gem to see for myself.

Always form your own opinion on life. What you think matters and it requires you to do your own research to know. So get out and go!

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You don’t want to miss out on all the details of the adventures each city held for me. I am having so much fun and can not wait to share everything!

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