Paris Bound


I leave in two days for Paris. I have never been out of North America and can not wait to see Europe. 

However, that excitement that I know is there is being stifled by fear.  What a nuisance! While fear does have some benefits, I find that it infiltrates the most beautiful of moments in life.  I have been trying to make sense of this emotion and why it seems to want to crash most parties life throws for you. Fear creeps in when anything worthwhile or risky presents itself.

Then, today, a co-worker who is unbelievably talented and inspirational, shared a quote from a book she is reading that literally gave me chills.

Dearest Fear:

Creativity and I are about to go on a road trip together. I understand you’ll be joining us, because you always do. I acknowledge that you believe you have an important job to do in my life, and that you take your job seriously. Apparently your job is to induce complete panic whenever I’m about to do anything interesting—and, may I say, you are superb at your job. So by all means, keep doing your job, if you feel you must. But I will also be doing my job on this road trip, which is to work hard and stay focused. And Creativity will be doing its job, which is to remain stimulating and inspiring. There’s plenty of room in this vehicle for all of us, so make yourself at home, but understand this: Creativity and I are the only ones who will be making any decisions along the way. I recognize and respect that you are part of this family, and so I will never exclude you from our activities, but still—your suggestions will never be followed. You’re allowed to have a seat, and you’re allowed to have a voice, but you are not allowed to have a vote. You’re not allowed to touch the road maps; you’re not allowed to suggest detours; you’re not allowed to fiddle with the temperature. Dude, you’re not even allowed to touch the radio. But above all else, my dear old familiar friend, you are absolutely forbidden to drive.”

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

This quote is so profound. Fear, you are NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE. Stay in control of your life and stay in your lane, or not. Just don’t let fear keep you from doing what you want to do.

I have already packed, unpacked and re-packed my 22L backpack multiple times to ensure I was not forgetting anything. I am being overly cautious as I am going to Europe- ALONE. Once I am there, I will not let fear keep me from LIVING, as that is the reason why I go on adventures, to live, to feel alive, and to learn more about myself as a person. Self-discovery is my pathway to experience happiness on the daily.  I am pushing fear to the back-seat and driving full-force ahead excited for the adventures that await for me in Europe. A lot can happen in seventeen European days…

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How do you recognize the fear in your life come to the surface?  What has fear kept you from enjoying and living through? What do you do to combat that and overcome it and stay in the driver’s seat? 

Fearlessly looking out to New York
Looking back at this picture, I can’t believe I ALMOST didn’t go to New York by myself. I had the TIME OF MY LIFE which caused me immediately to book my one-way ticket to Paris to get my foot in the door to start planning my trip to Paris which turned into an all-out EURO TRIP!

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