Fear has the power to control us. Fear can also have the potential to save our lives. Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. The trick is recognizing when fear is holding you back from a full life.

Once I recognize that I am experiencing fear, I find out why and what is triggering this emotion. I try to be logical about the situation.

Does it truly warrant a fearful response?

Should I let this fear control what I do next?

What am I sacrificing if I do let fear stop me? 

What is there to gain if I don’t? 

In any case where my life is in danger, yes I will let fear dictate my next actions, that is where fear is needed, for survival.

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When it comes to when I am scared because I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I fall freely and sometimes with my eyes closed. I know these uncomfortable moments are my moments to fly and grow as an individual and have fun while doing it. I have learned these are the moments to trust fall through life. Something beautiful usually happens to me; for the betterment of me. I have learned about life and gained a deeper understanding of myself as a result. I have a better grasp of why I am here and what I need to be doing with my time and energy. I have gained more respect for myself as I navigate through the scariest of storms. I seem to always come out the other end of adversity and fear feeling more alive and stronger than ever.

Be Smart.

Be Fearless.

& Just Be You.

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