Strength Training

I received my B.S. in Kinesiology-Exercise Science and Minored in Nutrition at the University of Houston.

I am SO PASSIONATE about what I get to do for work on the daily for the past four years. I have been a personal trainer, facility manager, nutrition coach and have recently traded in those titles for the regional manager to lead a whole region of trainers who are now changing lives through The Perfect Workout.

STRENGTH TRAINING has changed my life and those I have had the opportunity to work with at The Perfect Workout.  At The Perfect Workout, we do a very specific kind of strength training that we are able to personalize for every person and nearly every injury. We are able to do that through slow-motion strength training following the SuperSlow Protocol developed at The University of Florida. The study was called the Nautilus Osteoporosis Project and it was meant to help find a way to lift weights safely without injury and to help reverse bone loss. Not only did they find that slow-motion strength training was safer than regular weight training, it did, in fact, reverse bone loss completely. However, that was not it! The results they found were outstanding! Slow-motion strength training got 60% better results in only 2-twenty minute workouts a week! It’s quite amazing how little exercise the body requires if you are doing the right kind of work!

Did you know? Strength training is necessary for all. All people of all ages. After the age of twenty-five, you lose, on average, a half of a pound of muscle every year if you don’t do strength training to off-set that loss. Arguably, that is your cue to start following a weight training program, at the age of twenty-five. Make the rest of your life the best of your life and make sure to start lifting weights! If you care about your future health and how well you will enjoy the rest of your life, then you should definitely be doing strength training.

SEE FOR YOURSELF! Want a free learning session at The Perfect Workout to have the opportunity to learn the safest and most effective exercise? Contact me below:


Did you know? Muscle requires more calories than any other tissue on your body. So, in turn, if you have a lot of muscles on your body, you also will have a high metabolic rate or metabolism. Muscles also take up less space and weigh more, so know that you will lose inches, experience increased toning and not necessarily see a huge drop on the scale (everyone is different).  I personally have had a client only see a 10-pound weight loss on the scale, but dropped 23 inches all around her body!


Did you know? Your body doesn’t know the difference between cardio and weight training, work is work! Your cardiovascular system supports your muscles, so the harder your muscles work, the harder your breathing also has to work. Therefore, with proper breathing, strength training can ABSOLUTELY provide great cardio! Yes, I have not gone running in 4 years and have fantastic cardio from 2-20 minute slow-motion training sessions at The Perfect Workout.  Contact me for your complimentary Learning Session at The Perfect Workout! Ask me about how I tested my cardio after 3 years of no running:


Did you know? You don’t have to worry about getting bulky from lifting weights this method, that is only dictated on your muscle bandwidth which is genetically predisposed and not affected why what kind of exercise you do. So don’t let your concern of being too “big” get in the way of you being the healthiest you!

So what are you waiting for? Take charge of your life and go grab the health you deserve! Slow-motion strength training has changed my life and many others around me. Comment Below for your FREE Learning Session at a studio near you!

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