Ironically Fearful

There are seven days until I start my adventure to a Neverland I have never seen- Europe.

Initially, I was thrilled with the plans to visit five countries and see all these incredibly beautiful locations. Now, I can feel the pressure to have a perfectly packed backpack with two weeks worth of supplies. I feel the time crunch to get my reality in order for me to leave it for this fortnight. I am scared to be there alone, even though that is the point of me doing this. I  want to push my boundaries and comfortability to learn who I am as a person, continue to grow, and experience life outside of my day-to-day.

I tell myself I am excited, as I know that anxiety and excitement are the same emotion. Our brains just call them something different in each situation. As I get ready for this needed break from reality, I can feel the surreality of the situation bubble up inside of me. I can’t help be feel ironically fearful of something so exciting and beautiful that is about to transpire.


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