Prepping for Paris

Holy Shit!

Sorry, pardon my french.

I can not believe it is already July and I am going to be in Europe in less than two weeks. It is surreal and I realize how little I have actually done in preparation for this solo excursion.

I am excited and so flippin’ nervous. 

What was meant to be a visit to Paris has turned into a full-on Euro-trip. I booked a one-way ticket to Paris to get myself there. When looking for return flights home, I couldn’t find any that I wanted to pay for except for one flying out of London. It will have a 22-hour layover in Iceland before I head home. I will be returning back to New York for a weekend before finally returning back to Atlanta. Then I had to figure out how I was going to find my way in London and making those decisions for yourself is empowering and frightening. There is so much weight on these decisions; where you stay, where you go and at what times you choose. There are risks, but with risks, there are also rewards.

Currently, I feel like I am going 100 MPH trying to get everything perfectly in order for a successful trip. I already miss my puppies and wish I saved more money. I feel like I am mastering a circus-related juggling act. I am grasping for the adventure that is about to unravel. I am focusing on the life-changing moments and picturesque views I am about to witness and take part in. I am finally going to eat food outside of the United States and am excited to see what the difference is. I am also only packing a 22-L backpack. How I am to live for two weeks out of that I am still calculating in my mind. I am pretty much numb at this point feeling like I am trying to be Aaron Rogers throwing a hail mary in the final seconds of the game for the win.

I don’t know what I signed up for and I am super scared to be away from my obligations and reality for so long. I have never allowed myself to leave for more than a weekend at a time to go somewhere and be away from work. I am excited to learn about new cultures and meet new people. I am excited to share with you my journey through Europe of what I see and learn of the world and myself along the way.


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