I could have.

I could have let the incredible stress crush me like the human I am.

I could have worried every second of how things could turn, bad or good.

I could have wasted every second stressing up to the point of a solution. 

If I kept allowing everything to stress me out and string me along for a harsh ride, I am sure that happiness and life would be short. 

Worrying was robbing me of time and the opportunity for happiness in every moment. Time is the one resource we can not get more of.

We all have less than positive moments in life, some much greater than others. For me, in a recent instant, I chose to seize the day instead of getting stuck in a gloomy rut-of-despair.  I could have stayed put waiting for the world to give me the answer to all the countless reasons beneath my crushing anxiety. I could have, but I didn’t. I chose differently this time. It would have been wasted time to give into these dark side emotions. I repetitively told myself that to keep myself on course. I gave myself permission to cry but I never relinquished control of my sanity. I needed to keep control in order to slay that dragon ahead in order to survive. It was life or death.

Leading up to the moment where I would need to slay, instead of wasting time to worry, I chose to savor every moment and live my life to it’s fullest. I chose happiness amidst a very scary moment in life. What I got in return was a deeper understanding of myself and memories to cherish. I grew as a person and I felt taller.

Historically, I would worry until the problem was solved or that moment passed. Once it was, I would be left physically and mentally exhausted; almost feeling empty after putting myself and keeping me on an emotional rollercoaster. You feel like you are solving problems when in reality I was making things way worse than they ever needed to be.  I would feel guilty for being so foolish for giving into the temptation of worry and stress that life can create. This time, I decided to not let something out of my control completely puppeteer my emotions. It directly impacted my life, and the future ahead.  Out of survival mode, I reacted differently.

I could have let myself self-destruct and instead I chose to grow towards the Wonder Woman I know I have within me. I could have, but I didn’t. At this moment, I know that I am capable of all things, and also I know that I will find myself in moments feeling anything but. Afterall, I am human, and I will fall, but I also will learn and grow from each life experience. This constant stretch to a better self is what will help me reach to be my absolute best.

If we know clearly whom we want to end up being as people we would have a much larger probability of actually becoming that person aim to be. That is because having a clear understanding of your future self, allows you to make better decisions in the present to protect that future you. Read The Willpower Instinct for more insight into the science behind this!

What do you want people to say about you after you are gone? Comment below and let’s share our goals!


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