Confessions of the Brokenhearted: Do You Believe in Love?

Seriously. Do you believe in the kind of love that fights for the other person, supports them in all things good and bad? The kind of love that fosters the best kinds of friendships? The forever kind of love? I have previously disclosed that I am a hopeless romantic, but in the world that we live in, I lose hope altogether that it truly does exist for me. My mom even prays for me that I will find someone. How irritating and thoughtful all at the same time.

I put out this kind, “I am a confident woman who doesn’t ever need a man-kind of energy,” and I believe it is scaring people off from seeing that I truly want love to come into my life. I am scared to go search for love is like waving a flag in the air for all to know my desire. I don’t want to fish as when you go fishing, you tend to catch a fish and I don’t want to settle or end up with the wrong person. I would rather a hunter-prince come and find me. I could really use a Disney Princess story at this point. I am sure there a plenty of girls and woman that can relate.

A hunter is a kind of man that will go after what he wants and fights for what he wants. He is strong and a protector as well as the greatest supporter.

Putting out this strong independent-single-woman vibes was a necessary defense mechanism developed from my past relationships and life experiences. I fear it may scare all love interests away. It has so far and I remind myself they probably weren’t meant for you. I tell myself that everything doesn’t have to be figured out in one day, or overnight. I should, however, continue to make it my life’s mission to be happy and to live in my own creation of my own Neverland. To focus on the positive, to learn from the living is what I choose to put my energies towards.

I hope that one day, someone good and kind will come along and see it for what it is, a wall. I hope that he will climb right over it, effortlessly. I hope he won’t give up on me- ever. I want someone that will see me for who I truly am and fight to make me trust and love once again. I want them to love me for no reason, fight for me, for us. In turn, I will give him all the right reasons for him to continue to love me.

I am hopeful that someone will, in fact, come around and blow my mind with how amazing they are. I want someone to help open my eyes to what life could truly be with a  real teammate in life. I want that big love story that people compare to The Notebook. That could be me, couldn’t it? A girl can wish, hope and dream. Love will always start with yourself, and until my path collides with that special someone, I will be moving mountains and battling my demons to be that Wonder Woman I know I have within me. Until then, I will choose me. 

To be the best version of myself and in turn, find the best love life has to give. 

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