In the Face of Adversity

Growing up, I realized that people revealed who they truly were when things “got tough.” Adversity tends to bring out people’s true colors, you can really learn a lot about someone when there is struggle to endure. The only thing we really are in control of is ourselves and how we choose to react to any situation.

While I do get to overcome an emotional cocktail of 1 part depression and 2 parts anxiety on a daily basis, I really impress myself with how I handle myself when it literally feels like the world is about to end.

In the face of adversity, that is when I choose to soar.

When life gets tough, what it boils down to:

  • choosing to learn and grow when you have to face and deal with the challenges and struggles of life
  • maintaining a positive outlook in everything that you do
  • sometimes focusing on the big picture is too much, break everything into smaller pieces so you are able to digest whatever is stressing you out
  • take a deep breath, your brain needs it when you are feeling stressed about a situation, and this will help you make a better decision about whatever lies in front of you to battle
  • reflect, I always do this after most everything I do. I want to make sure that the next time I am always better off having lived through it prior and challenging myself to grow to be better for the next moment

I have always loved and appreciated trees for their beauty. I admired how tall they grew, the life that happened around them, and the secrets they kept. I have seen many trees overcome crazy conditions in life. My Meyer lemon and grapefruit tree overcame nearly everything from my dogs knocking them over to being overwatered by Harvey the Hurricane to me forgetting to water them altogether. Yet, still, the trees persevered and grew. I was at a moment in my major depression where it gave me hope that if a tree can overcome so much adversity, surely I will bounce back just the same.

For me, trees symbolize strength, growth, and resilience in the face of adversity; everything that we need to make it through life to extract knowledge out of every life experience we have the opportunity to navigate through.

See the source image

What challenging moment brought incredible wisdom? Comment Below and share it for others to learn from!

See the source image



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