A Growing Moment, Stretch not Stress

My chest hurts and my breathing shortens. Anxiety is climbing in my body.  I absolutely loathe being plagued with unreasonable emotions. Let me make this more clear, emotions of anxiety feel absolutely real, but your brain knows it’s illogical. I catch myself in these moments arguing with myself whether or not I am right for how I feel.

Do I panic? Do I cry? What do you do when you feel like your world is falling down on you, crushing you into pieces?

~Just remember the sky is always blue~

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Historically, when pained with anxiety, I cry and get angry when people fail to understand me. I retreat into a dark place mentally and physically. I alienate myself. I make things WORSE, and, without even knowing it. It naturally happens, this negative, unhealthy feedback loop.

In the end, as the feeling passes, I remember how I felt just moments earlier and my crazy in the moment reaction that also felt so justified then, is not so much now. This puts me, and anyone in this cycle at risk for regret.

Just today, I had to revisit a place that triggers tremendous pain and heightened anxiety. A place I actually try to repress and would say I have been successful at doing so. A place that nobody deserves to see as their reality. But I had to. There’s no other option. You do what is necessary. Today I felt myself grow because as I sat in my chair after I had to confront those demons yet again, I felt ready to take on what is next in this process I must endure. I feel ready to put on my armor as if I am ready for battle. I will not let this demon I laid to rest so long ago come back to get me for good. Absolutely, not! Not after all the work, I have put in. No fucking way!

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In the 5 Second Rule, By Mel Robbins, you learn that the feeling anxiety and excitement are the same feelings in your body. Yes, anxiety and excitement are the same! Your brain just calls that feeling something different depending on the situation your body is in. Learning this for myself, I have learned to take these steps when I feel my chest about to explode and my world my just in fact end:

  1. Recognize you are feeling symptoms of anxiety
  2. Take a deep breath- or two
  3. Say out loud and with conviction: I am excited!

I kid you not, I feel a shift in my energy when I am able to slow myself down and take these steps. #3 works because you are telling your body that you are excited about whatever is about to happen instead of anxious. This tool from Mel Robbins has been LIFECHANGING. I encourage you to as well!

Let me know if they help you it will absolutely brighten my day!

Today, upon having this moment, I did these steps and I did not have a panic attack and allowed for this to ruin my day. Instead, I am choosing to empower myself and stand tall for whatever I will need to overcome. A good friend of mine once said stress STRETCHES you to become a bigger person, and so I started a mantra and speaking to myself stretch not stress to remind me of this in these moments of growth. I will let stress stretch me to become the Wonder Woman I know I am capable of.

Could you imagine a world of people that strived to be the best versions of themselves? Now imagine a world of people who do that in the name of helping and loving others? It is a possible reality if we all start with us looking within and stretching ourselves to become who we truly are and the happiness we all deserve.

Comment Below about how you try to reach the strongest and best version of yourself!

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