Surfing The Highs and Lows in Life

Struggle. Everyone goes through a tough moment in life. It’s inevitable. Life isn’t all fucking rainbows and unicorns. Although, this utopia of a reality is unrealistic. To try and achieve such audacious measures will be a painful journey for yourself. The shock of the whiplash that happens every time something doesn’t go as planned in life will wear you down into the ground. The stress will kill you if you don’t learn how to cope on the downward slope on the roller coaster of life. There is great news, imagine a wavelength-line:

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There are mountains and valleys, highs and lows in this world we live in. To experience one, we need to overcome the other. To get to the high in life, you must get through the lows.

I heard this saying for the first time recently, and this thought was so profound. It gave me peace in the current pain knowing that it WILL get better, it is inevitable in the balance of life.

Don’t ever give up, this will pass! Stay strong and stick to your guns and keep moving along! The trick is not to get stuck in a low point, a rut.

So how on earth can you get yourself out of the depths of despair?

  • Meditate to give your brain the proper rest and recovery throughout the day. TRUST ME, you will see the difference!
  • Proper Nutrition & Sleep so you can deal with life efficiently and optimally!
  • Positive Outlook– remember, everything around you will try and overshadow all the good things in life and bring you down, don’t be the added element that helps hurt you.
  • Reach out! You have someone, or if you don’t, message me here- or call a hotline. SOMEONE CARES and SOMEONE will listen and help- whatever you want.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If that doesn’t work, just add some vodka, or strawberries if that isn’t an option- & you’ll be great 😉

Feel free to reach out to me for anything, I love helping others. Don’t be shy! You are literally giving me purpose by allowing me to help in any way!:

What is life without a little help? 

Ever been stuck in a rut in life? How did you pull yourself out of the darkness and into the light? Share your thoughts & tips below & don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

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