Choices and Regrets, a Ripple Effect

I usually do not use the term regret. It isn’t a part of my vocabulary. However, today, I feel so much of that ugly word.

Regret is NOT a solo act. It shines with supporting emotions like depression and anxiety. Along with worry and the feeling of being unworthy. We have all been there and we will find ourselves there again. It’s inevitable. Life is a roller coaster of peaks and valleys. See the source image

I woke up today regretting my choices over the past few days. Hindsight is, in fact, always 20/20.  If we knew what we knew today, we might have done things differently with the information we gain moving forward in the future. Choices have a ripple effect on your life like dominos falling over in a sequential pattern.  You need to always think ahead to some degree. Protect the future self you want to be. Studies show that if you can understand the future self you want to become, you make better choices to protect that version of you. If you don’t, you will wake up like I did today plagued with the sticky feeling of negativity.

Regret is a gloomy and lonely feeling that I do not know very well about how to navigate and shake it off. Avoiding and suppressing these emotions is my go-to way of “how to deal.” Our human coping mechanisms don’t always help. Drinking. Smoking. Partying. Gaining attention from people around you. This isn’t happiness. It is only a temporary fix. We want a long-term solution to avoid finding ourselves in a moment of regret.

It is irritating to understand that my choices can have an adverse effect on me and my happiness. It gives me anxiety. The most successful coping mechanism I do to combat these moments, I choose to learn from the tough life moments. They call them life lessons after all!

Comment below to let me know how you overcome these stick moments in life!
Thank you for your love & light!

See the source image

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2 thoughts on “Choices and Regrets, a Ripple Effect

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  1. I get like this from time to time too. We are our worst critics, and it is so easy to look back and reflect on how we could have made different choices. But this can sometimes be a positive thing. It can help guide us towards our next decision making fork in the road. I say don’t be so hard on yourself. You can only move forward and worrying about the past just makes us spin in circles of anxiety. Keep moving. I wouldn’t ignore and suppress it, take your thoughts for what they are. Accept them. But don’t get bogged down in the weeds of them.

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