Shaky Beats 2018


I LOVE MUSIC FESTIVALS, and the most memorable and life-changing are electric dance music festivals or EDM. If you haven’t been, you probably don’t’ get it and possibly have judged them. If you have gone to one, you know of the life-changing energy and amazing music sets you have witnessed. I have been to a handful and have never been disappointed by any! I love finding new artist discoveries for music I wouldn’t have found otherwise. I usually fall in love with a new artist each and every time.

Louis the Child was my new love at Shaky Beats. Check them out!

I moved to Midtown of Atlanta because I wanted to be close to the heart of Atlanta and all the events it would bring. Shaky Beats were located not even a full block away. It was obvious I would be going to this event. I was so excited to experience one of the reasons why I wanted to live in the city so badly, to be able to be close to everything and take part in all of the festivities–To soak up the city life.

The whole week leading up to Shaky Beats, my group of friends could NOT contain ourselves. From sending snap chats of us going HAM on some seriously legit EDM to me buying all the Powerade needed to recover from the three-day weekend of absolute chaotic fun that was about to ensue. We were ready, we were excited and we were pumped and all Shaky Beats festival-goers made a social media presence, a hype leading up to the epic weekend.

When Friday finally showed up, I literally could not sleep the night before and I popped up in my bed ready for the day with little sleep. I had friends already staying the night, Amanda and Karli and other friends on their way over to start getting ready for DAY ONE.  I could barely focus at work, and luckily I knocked all of the important stuff with a focused work brain the day prior in preparation for the insane weekend thousands of different people were about to share.


Crazy makeup and outfits are one of the things I LOVE about EDM shows! The creativity to express yourself it so much fun!


Music is life, and EDM is like no other. It brings music from the 1-D world to a full body experience and all good people with the best energy ever all together in one place. It is truly a magical and life-changing experience.  I highly recommend you checking one an EDM festival in your lifetime.


Being the only person on your level in the crowd creates the best views!


Enjoy the pictures below and the stories behind each one! Check it out:

(bonus stories below)

Best Looking Crew Ever! Day 2





See the story below to know what is up with this picture!


See above picture*** A guy locked eyes with me in the front row of Marshmello before he came on. They were green, my favorite and so easy to stare into. I winked at him and he began moving people out of the way to stand next to me. He immediately kissed me and I could smell he had been drinking. Innocently, we started flirting and I got the sense this boy was young, much younger than me. After accusing him of being a virgin, I learned he was ten years younger, still legal, but he was enjoying his high school graduation at Shaky Beast and then assured me he was in fact NOT a virgin. I rolled my eyes playfully, not buying his experience. I said, I highly doubt you have had sex with 14 people. I then learned he lost his v-card 6 months ago and also only had sex with ONE person, 14 times. No judgment at all, just a story about life that is really funny. Historically, Guys always seem to lie about their age with me.  I giggled at this news that was just broke to me and I said I bet she broke your heart, and he said yes. My heart melted, and I hugged him as I truly felt for him. Love was the reason why I choose me and no one else every day. It has the power to harden you and the power to free you.  He was at the start of his life, and so innocent and untainted by the hardships of this life. Seeing the point in his life he was at, I had a flashback of myself being there long ago, how much life has happened and how much I have changed.

Life is overall funny instead of painful, even though it is easier to remember those hard times. Out of all of that struggle came someone strong and resilient. I plan to enjoy life for all of its goodness and to learn from all of its strife.

Life is what you make it, after all.


New Friends Living Life Freely After a Shaky Beats kind of Weekend ❤





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