Addicted to Sugar?

It’s amazing what small changes can make in the human body. For me, I was addicted to sugar and it is so bad for you! I have taken small baby-steps that I was comfortable with to slowly get myself away from a sugar-heavy diet. Here’s how!

FACT: Your body doesn’t need any added sugar, it knows how to make it all on its own!

FACT: Sugar is addictive!

So, how can we crush that addiction? 

It’s is important to know that you do not need a total REHAB overnight to be headed in the right direction. Think if you are on a winning, positive trend, you are absolutely winning! All that usually takes that is being 1% better everyday. Totally doable and manageable. All goals should be broken down into bite-sized pieces to achieve the bigger picture to ensure optimal success! Success is what we all want, no matter what the subject matter, so let’s set us up for it!

How I started combatting my sugar addiction was timing my sugar intake. Meaning, I started enjoying my sugary treats at opportune moments. If you must have a taste of the sweet goodness do it when your body knows what to do with it.

I have three personal rules with sugar:

  1. Eat Sugar in the AM -or-
  2. Eat Sugar right after your workout
  3. Sugar is for sharing, don’t eat the whole thing! 

If you eat sugar in the morning your body has all day to get rid of it and utilize it as energy instead of being stored as fat. Similarly to eating after your workout, your body knows exactly what to do with that sugar! The third rule I made up so I can share the sweetness with everyone and thus be ensuring I don’t eat every piece!

Make sure you choose sweet and nutritious options more often than the bag of Twizzlers or chocolate. While sugar is sugar, try to make sure there are nutrients attached! Fruit is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing you from your goals!

Remember, you still want to practice portion control when eating anything that isn’t ideal for a nutritious diet! So read the labels to ensure you don’t overdo your moment of sweetness! 

red raspberry fruit on white ceramic tray
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Also, check out these healthy sources to satisfy your sugary needs!

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