Reading is Really Powerful

Reading is really powerful. It really is! It fills our brain with new vocabulary and a new imaginative world. Reading has the power to transport us to places we could never dream of and escape our sometimes harsh realities. It can help us learn about ourselves and help us create positive changes in our lives to become even better. It will give you the answer for anything that you may seek out in life. Reading is something we all should do much more often.

It may be hard to hold our attention these days as we are surrounded by endless amounts of technology. I grew up loving to read. I was in second grade reading all of the Little House on the Prairie Books. In grade school, reading was fun and we selected a lot of our own reading choices. I couldn’t get enough of reading. I loved the lives of people you got to get submerged into. It was fun to get a glimpse of other ways of life through literature. However, in high school, specific readings were forced on us and for me, it made me completely loathe reading. I loved discussing the books, essays, and articles we read, but, they were of no interest to me.

It wasn’t until after college reading started to become a hobby for me again. Working for a company that believes:

Readers are Leaders

I have always been a driven and ambitious person wanting to be the best at everything and to be my own personal best. To achieve specific promotions, I read many books: Crucial Conversations, Getting Things Done, The Five Second Rule, The Secret, The Power, Good to Great, and much more. I always saw myself as a leader and heard I was a natural born. I always did what was necessary to excel new heights.

It was The Five Second Rule that was truly healing for me in the new era of reading. It got me to stop procrastinating and helping myself out of a depression that I was deep in and having much difficulty overcoming by myself. It even helped me start combating my awful anxiety using the five second rule as outlined in her book. I highly recommend reading The Five Second Rule,  Mel Robbins is truly a remarkable person! It is all backed by science and explained in the book, so I was geeking out nearly every page.

Once you find a game-changer kind of book, you will fall in love with reading. Books really do change lives, they have mine. I love reading books that make me a better person. I like to stretch myself to become bigger and badder than ever. Imagine what you will learn from what you are reading, the kind of relaxation you will gain to allow yourself to relax and escape today’s reality by just opening a book and diving in and all the books that are out there waiting for you to discover what’s inside.

Here are some recommended books that I have read:

  • The Willpower Instinct
  • Good to Great
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Getting Things Done
  • The Five Second Rule
  • Mindset
  • How to Win Friends and Influence Others
  • Super bosses
  • Fierce Conversations

What I am reading this year:

  • The Art of Happiness
  • Leadership and Self-Deception
  • Ego is the Enemy
  • Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
  • Focus
  • The Denial of Death
  • Your Mind is What Your Brain Does for a Living
  • The Mindful Athlete
  • What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

Every time I finish a book, I literally tell myself every time:

This was so much easier than I made it out to be and much more enjoyable. Why do I fight reading so much? I need to remember this next time I get that way again.

What will you be reading this year? Comment below and share! I want to add to my list for this year! I need all of your amazing recommendations!



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