Fernanda’s Introduction

I think it is very important for me to introduce a couple of my friends that I most certainly be sharing scandalous stories of on our Paris-Eurotrip.

Fernanda is a special kind of person and is most definitely a unicorn. It is very hard to appropriately describe Fernanda with words. If you have the pleasure to meet her, you would know what I am trying to say right now.

She has a big heart and loves to have fun. She does what her heart desires as it changes what it wants every second. She is full of life and I know that we will have such a fun and adventurous time in Europe. Fernanda is spontaneous, loyal and impulsive- a great combination for life’s adventures.

Enjoy the fun below for some solid insight to my good friend Fernanda:


Fernanda, Abby and I. Us Three Americans will be Lost in Paris this Summer ❤


Love her!
LITERALLY dressed like a unicorn dancing with a red solo cup at my birthday weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains ’18





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