Trust Me…

Everyone seems to know what they are talking about in regards to exercise and nutrition. Experts, gurus- my first question is, where are they getting this information they are telling me? I like to make sure there is evidence behind everything that I do regarding my exercise and my nutrition and what information I share with others.

I studied Kinesiology at the University of Houston in Texas and Majored in Exercise Science and Minored in Nutrition. I have been certified to train and teach Super Slow Protocol Strength Training. Additionally, I am a health coach and I help people reach optimal health by creating healthy habits, a lifestyle.

Message me if you want some personalized assistance with your nutrition and/or a free workout at The Perfect Workout:

Unlike most college graduates in the present day, I found a career in my field of interest and have put it to great use. I have had the absolute pleasure to work for an amazing company with one of their core values being evidence-based exercise, The Perfect Workout. With that in mind, they guarantee that you will build strength.

From my past four years of practice of work and training, I have learned that strength or lean muscles mass is the answer to have the healthiest life and future you can possible life. There are so many benefits to strength training, and the world is catching on! I also have trained hundreds of people to greater levels of fitness with this 20-minute workout!

I also have helped people gain incredible health through appropriate exercise and nutrition. Personally, I have seen amazing changes across the board:

  • I have experienced 25 pounds loss by dropping my running and only doing The Perfect Workout’s 20 minutes Workouts, twice a week.
  • 4 pant sizes dropped!
  • Incredible strength gains!
    • The science proves that you get 60% better strength gains using their method than any other strength training method available. The Perfect Workout follows the science and will evolve as new findings do arise. In this industry, we are learning new things every day in the world of health and fitness, so it is important to stay up to speed!
  • Increased bone density!
  • Increased energy!
  • Toning-everywhere. I know that I am getting older, but I feel like my body is not!
  • I Feel Great!

The gains still haven’t stopped 4 years into staying consistent with this particular workout. I am still at it and it is the only workout I do, everything else is for fun!

Since the workout is only twenty minutes, you get your life back when you don’t have to be in the gym for so much time. Trust me, when you are truly pushing your body to work as hard as you can, you really can’t and won’t want to do more than twenty minutes. Try it out!

20 Minutes. Twice a Week. Guaranteed Results!



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