Eleven. Return from Neverland

Peter was back from Neverland.

I learned the same day I went out on the walk and met Larry Kennedy upon exploring the grounds of Shaky Beats. It was as if Peter’s adventurous energy was already infecting the people in Atlanta and it caused me to break out of my lazy after work routine and walk out around the city.

See Heart-Shaped Sunglasses  & enjoy that part of the story!

This is about Peter’s return 😉

He reached out to me via Facebook about his flight back to Atlanta. Butterflies fluttered around in my belly. I was excited to see him again and wondered what kind of adventures we might go on. The hopeless romantic in me hoped for the ultimate love story. While then the independent feminist inside reminded me of all the self-growth I gained from him and how there could be more to gain, but I also wanted to see how much bigger, badder, and better I was.

I truly feel like I am living life and LOVING IT and want to share that with everyone and meet as many new friends in life as possible. I wanted this version of myself to go explore more parts of Atlanta with him and to get to know this mysterious Peter Pan. He has been such a mystery to me and still is. Sure I have defined his “role” in my life, but life has a way of surprising you, so I was nervous to see him again.

SIDE NOTE: The unknown freaks most people out, right? It does with me, and it is a demon I am still learning to conquer.

It was a Tuesday, an acroyoga jam at the park night. Peter had texted me earlier that day asking to borrow my longboard. He had given his longboard to me after leaving for Neverland.

I said of course and told him that I would be at the beltline later that day.

He replied back asking where, and I told him near the skate park (this was actually the where we had our first date, and this was, in fact, unplanned and ironic just the same). He told me he would meet me there and immediately I forgot to breathe. This is something I do when I feel a rush of anxiety, so, I reminded myself to breathe deeply and got ready for my typical #acroyoga Tuesday night.

It was such a hot day, the sun was beating down on me as I longboarded to the part of the Beltline I do acroyoga and now I was to reconnect with Peter after his return from Neverland. I decided to find a tree with some cooling shade and laid out my yoga mat and played some of the music by Stejan Stevens as recommended by Larry Kennedy.  The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and I began to start daydreaming and then drifting off to sleep.


Then, I heard a familiar voice say, “Hey there cutie pie.”

My heart raced, I knew immediately who that was and that was for me. I started to stand up and turned around to see a smiling handsome, blue-eyed, tall man. His eyes were way bluer than I remembered and I was happy to be reminded.  He hugged me and shared with me that he read my blog. My stomach dropped as I was having a serious #TaylorSwift moment. I had no idea WHAT on earth to say as whatever he would say in turn, I wasn’t prepared for a response for that. As I started overthinking that scenario, I changed the subject and told him that I had to move out of the sun since it was so hot.

SO DAMN SMOOTH. I can not flirt for the life of me 90% of the time.

We did some acroyoga and exchanged stories of my New York travels and his to “Neverland.” We had a fun time playing around and he took a picture of me doing my #candlestickpose:


He borrowed my longboard and hugged me goodbye as he decided to leave. He squeezed me tight and lifted me off of the ground, both feet popped up in the air, I was having a Princess Diaries “foot popping” moment.

This was never a love story. Although, the hopeless romantic within me hoped for that to come to life at any moment we were together. Like the song, “For Good,” in the Broadway show Wicked, Peter came into my life to change me for good, for the better. This doesn’t mean he has to stay in my life for good. Not that he would. He is a free spirit on his own path an I completely respect that and look up to him for what he chooses in life. It is not the norm or what parents push their children to do. He does what brings him joy and pushes him to dig deeper within himself. He is a brilliant human and I hope he knows that. I know his positivity, happiness, and zest for life will continue to flow over onto others and help more people like me along the way. He brought life into mine and somehow gave me enough courage to fight for my life, my own happiness all by my own definition.

I aim to continue this journey with love and positivity and I hope to inspire others to start theirs and/or continue to persevere. As silly as it is, #YOLO, you really only have one life, so what are you going to do with the time you are granted?

Missed Wendy’s Story of how she met Peter and what happened up to this point? Don’t have #FOMO!

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