Monday Madness

It is the inevitable Monday. The day that reminds you of your weekend fun because it is making your Monday SO MUCH HARDER. I am sitting at work and am having such a difficult time trying to focus. The weekend fun, I can still feel it; the energy from the weekend, and the lack of energy as a result, with the hangover to match.

Why do you dread Mondays so much? How can we stop this negative loop? I definitely don’t want to just never go out on the weekends and do nothing in hopes of having a better Monday and a better start to my week. At the same time, I surely don’t want to show up to work exhausted and wanting another weekend. Especially with a career I love so much and have worked hard to climb up that professional ladder of success.

I hate the world balance, especially when I hear “work-life” balance. I mean who in the world truly balances their lives perfectly? I have not met anyone in my twenty-eight years of existence that has that figured out to perfection. When I imagine people balancing, I see people hopping around trying to balance on one leg, and nearly falling, or me holding the weight of the world trying to stay on my two feet.

Let’s call it more of a “give and take” as that is more reasonable and much MORE NICE to our psyche. We need to be much more forgiving to ourselves and just give us a damn break. If we are nicer to ourselves and show ourselves some love, it will go a long way! Sometimes, we have to realize balancing is just impossible in life and we need to learn when to put something aside to take care of something else. For instance, my work emails, I DO NOT check them from Friday night to Sunday Night. I need that mental quiet and clarity from work. If I don’t, I have so much angst and am super on edge for my entire work week. I know when I get back on Monday, all my emails will still be there and I will get through all of them and respond in  15-30 minutes. Give and take and not a balancing act.

I am currently reading the Art of Happiness and I am learning so much about life and how to look at it differently. I love to read books that are life changing and impact you in a positive manner. The biggest takeaway, so far, is that the purpose of life is Happiness.  There it is, you do not need to search for it any longer. The Dalai Lama himself has said that the meaning of life is Happiness. It isn’t something that just happens to us either. It is something we need to find within ourselves and we can not base it on materialistic, unreliable things that can go away (like our work, car, clothes, and social media likes). Truly loving yourself is my mission in life. Helping others find their happiness to by sharing my story is what this is all about. 

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Do you have a good balance in life? Or do you operate in life with more of a give-and-take stance? How are you finding your happiness? Comment and share below!


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