What does it mean to be your own creator?

It doesn’t matter what you believe in, all religions speak to us being created in some named higher power’s image. What does that mean for us as humans? If we are truly created in our creator’s image, this means that we do in fact have the absolute power to create our own realities. Doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t it?

Creator literally means a person or thing that brings something into existence or the name used for God. See, the world applies to everyone as we are all creative human beings! We create so many things out of necessity to survive, and not that our basic human needs are met, we seek happiness as if is something that merely just happens to us. Happiness is something we are in charge of for ourselves and something that we create on our own.

But how? What is all of this mumbo jumbo of having some sort of power within yourself to create your life? AND- No, this isn’t your official invite to Hogwarts, and if you know where I can find one, please send me one!

I am talking about the law of attractionI was extremely skeptical at first and resistant to hearing of such information. However, after growing a little older and reading some books and living through some shit in life, I have found many truths in the law of attraction. I have even put it to use to see if it works. (Read The Power to understand how to use the law of attraction to your benefit!)

Check out these amazing reads to be introduced to these positive practices that have revolutionized the way I think and operate in my life!

Every thought that is placed into your head, where does it come from? How does it get there? What power do our thoughts truly hold over us and our lives? SO MUCH FUCKING POWER- in case you were wondering. I would read the two books above to truly know what power your thoughts TRULY have in our lives!

Everything in life has a vibration, a frequency. Our thoughts do too. Dr. Emoto did an experience to see the effect of positive words and negative words would have on water and the decomposition of rice (two separate experiences). What he found was that positive worlds like beautiful caused the water in the water study to have a much more attractive and crystalline structure. While the water that was spoken negative words have a very broken down, unattractive structure. This proved that positive and negative words/energy have a negative impact on water. Check out his findings!

We are made up of 60-70% of water! This fact alone shows that powerful point that if you don’t have anything nice to say, your truly shouldn’t say anything at all- there are dire consequences! So you are aware, and I feel like I am doing my due diligence in my mission to help others, you need to drink half your body weight in ounces in water to be considered hydrated for the day! Drink a gallon per day for optimal fat loss!

Check this out for some good tips on how to accomplish your daily water intake! 

So, what happens when we have our brain polluted with an outpouring of negative thinking? IT NEGATIVELY IMPACTS YOU! Have you ever felt just down in the dumps and decided to give yourself a pep talk to bring up your spirits. Typically, there are some positive affirmations we spit out to ourselves that we choose to believe. I feel better every time I do this! Positivity does brew more positivity and vice versa with negativity. We must learn how to control our thoughts to gain a positive outlook. The 5-Minute Morning Journal is an excellent way to start your day on the right foot! You literally can NOT operate in the same space as love & hate/ positive & negative.

Daily affirmations are a great way to build your confidence and self-worth. You are your biggest supporter and the most loyal person you have for yourself. At the end of the day, what are you doing for yourself to honor your life and all that encompasses that? Make sure that you are mentally and verbally talking yourself up and not down. The world will do an excellent job of telling you what you are worth and what you can and can not do.

To all of that, I just say, FUCK OFF & FUCK NO!

Push all the haters to the side and pay no fucks to them anymore, you only have so many fucks to give! So use them wisely, and pay attention to bettering yourself and how to reach your true potential and create your own happiness! You are your biggest and greatest support system if you choose to be.

You will not figure this out overnight but you can over time. So, I encourage you to start with one bite-sized step at a time to reach that ultimate goal. What are the next two action steps you should take? What thoughts will you stop yourself from having? What will you start to think instead?  Remember you are your own creator of the life you want to live! So get on out into the world and make it happen!

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