New York Nights

Yes, I was swept away sitting in the lobby of the Dream Lounge in the front. Apparently, I was waiting in the incorrect meeting spot for my Air BnB escort to find me and did know it just yet.

Waiting for my Air BnB Escort


A group of very attractive men walked in. They were a lively bunch, all wearing sunglasses and speaking with a particular European accent. Music to my ears I thought. One of them looked at me and smiled and winked. I smized and winked back. I thought to myself, good one, Alexa and smiled as I laughed at how much fun New York was and how good it was being to me. Dreams were literally coming true that entire day.

A girl in the group looked over to me and I shrugged my shoulders as the guys walked away together and the girl pointed back over towards me while talking to the guy that just flirted with me across the room. Seconds later, he turned and walked straight over to me and grabbed my hand and kissed it. Okayyyy- I thought. I can get used to this. He introduced himself with his London accent and shared with his name, Mike, where he was from, London, and leaned in to kiss my cheek. Flabbergasted, I let him. I wondered, is this what flirting is like in Europe? I began fictitiously planning a Eurotrip with my increasing curiosity about this culture I have yet to ever learn about. Turning my focus to him, he grabbed my hand and didn’t let go as he told me I am coming with them and he literally twirled me out of the Hotel and walked over to what I thought was just a pretty looking alley earlier. It was the entrance to PH-D, where I was meant to be! HA!

The line was so long, it poured out to the sidewalk! With my hand, I was led to the front of it where they were dropping $1500 to have a table on the rooftop balcony. My wrist was stamped, we were in and led to a private elevator and escorted to our table. The view from this Rooftop almost knocked me over dead-sober. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Champagne bottles were popped and Belvedere served. Music was playing and the playtime truly began. People were dancing, talking, and laughing. The London boys were doing anything to win any American girl over- I mean any and all, LOL. Remembering we were on vacation, I did not get offended. I mean, have fun boys- when in America!

View from our Pricey Table



As the night grew darker, the party grew LIVE-R. New York City is such fast life. One minute I am taking shots and drinking champagne- getting tipsy, the next minute I have an international hottie trying to take me anywhere for some privacy.  I was flattered- of course. With that in mind, I thought to myself, “I had an amazing time with London” and felt like my time with them was maxed out on fun for this particular night.



Segueing gracefully to the last leg of the evening…

Eventually, I decided to meet up with the group I intended to meet up with- so I did. We went to many lively clubs: Avenue, Tao and something else I don’t quite recall in the blur of my last New York night. The music was loud and the people were very fun. Everyone was dancing and then I noticed a guy within the group. He was so handsome and he walked over to me and started dancing with me. This guy spoke into my ear what would have been a whisper, but it was loud in the club, so, I heard nothing but the most beautiful French accent. I melted into my sequined dress. These European accents were really getting to me this weekend. He could have told me anything, and it would have been beautiful. Hell, he said the word, “Fuck,” and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard! The group I was with closed the club down, and then the Frenchman and his group of friends drove me back to there place where I slept so hard.

Coming full circle, I woke up only couple hours later & before my flight home, to peel myself out of a deep sleep. I called a Lyft to bring me back to Harlem to make it to my flight. What I learned is that these French boys took me all the way to Long Island, 45 minutes away from where I needed to be. I chuckled at how I could hear my parents harping about how “unsafe” this decision could have really been for me. I gave it no power as everything seemed to workout out perfectly in New York. The city that never sleeps was absolutely good to me and showed me all the love.

Doing my best not to panic about the time crunch, I called a Lyft and said goodbye to my new friends. We connected on Snap Chat in hopes that maybe we would meet again.

The world can be serendipitous sometimes and you just never know!

The drive into the city was ironically peaceful considering how rushed I truly was! I saw the New York skyline one last time and definitely cried a little. The adventure New York brought was absolutely memorable! This was the best trip I have ever taken and the only adventure I ever set out onto by myself. I felt real plans forming in my mind for the next adventure. I sat reflecting on how full my heart was. I never knew what people meant when they said their “heart is full.” I almost even cringed at such a saying as I thought it was always so unrealistic! However, I am absolutely changed as I can clearly see how easy it is to live your best life amidst the inevitable struggle of life. I felt like I could cry at any moment, but realized this was the feeling of true happiness.

You can create your happiness if you know what you want in life. I challenge everyone to figure that out. After going on my own solo adventure, I highly recommend everyone doing that once- on any level. What you experience and what you discover about yourself is so priceless and absolutely liberating. It will create a ripple effect of positive change within your life when you start to honor yourself and what your spirit truly wants.

New York was the best decision I took to catapult this movement of change I have started in my life. I will never forget any second, the people I met, and all that I took away from the magical moments that were created in the Big Apple.

Find Out What My Next Big Adventure Is:

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