What Happens in Vegas Can Change Your Life

It was the week after Peter had left and my friend Abby had a work trip get canceled and convinced her work of letting her keep the weekend there. Abby asked our group of friends in our snap chat group who would want to go to Vegas this upcoming weekend. I wanted to say yes. This is what I needed, what my soul desired. An adventure, some sore of right move moving forward. I replied “yes.” Even though all the excuses as to why I should not go clouded my head. This time, I was not going to listen to them. I wasn’t going to let my brain shut down what I wanted to do in life, and that was to have countless adventures exploring the world.

I woke up early Saturday morning with my lime green Spirit Approved personal item. I wore my black thigh high boots and merlot-colored faux fur Guess jacket. I slept nearly the whole way there. I was so excited upon arrival and called a Lyft to come and take me away to me Las Vegas adventure. That first Lyft decided to make me wait 15 minutes to only then cancel my ride last minute because he missed his exit. The next Lyft driver yelled at me because I couldn’t locate his vehicle. Finding him, I climbed into his black SUV and he took me to Nobu Hotel at Ceasars Palace. Turning onto the strip, my heart began to race. I was so excited to be here again. This time, I was single, and this was a girls trip. I knew this would be epic. I also knew that there would be no regrets.


My Lyft finally drove up to the Nobu Hotel and I called my friend Abby. She had already been enjoying all the Vegas had to offer and we finally found each other and made it to our room. We made drinks, and she got ready. We went out to walk to strip to find the tallest drink we could find and drink it.


We made our way to this bar where there was a mechanic bull. Being from Texas, I watched those brave enough to give the bull a go. I grew super excited, I knew that I would represent Texas with some big ol’ Texas Pride and some bull-riding skills. Now, I have never ridden a real bull. However, I have always ridden a mechanic bull every time I came across one since I had moved to Texas back in 2007. I asked the bartender what I needed to do to ride it. He said everyone got one free ride and I grabbed my ticket and got in line to sign the waiver and start taking off my thigh high boots and socks. The girl before me tried to stay but flew off in a blaze of glory.  She climbed out of the ring. It was my turn, I hopped into the inflatable circle of a ring. I grabbed the rope around the mechanical bull’s neck and gave it one hop, and I was on that bull. I positioned my hand, and I showed everyone that everything is in fact better in Texas.

Go here to see it yourself:  https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf4HtuGAaP_At9X89LhMwTFUc0myNALVNNV3as0/


(Pictured, ME geeking out that my name is on the Vegas Strip along with J-Lo. They might have thrown an extra X in there, but I will take it!)

Afterward, we walked the strip and bought us VIP tickets to the Chippendales show before we went to go see Zedd at the Omni at the Ceasar. I have never been so excited for anything more, and was not let down AT ALL. We got read back at our room where I put on my Free People nude dress with colorful sequins. We looked fantastic and we were ready for a steamy show at the MGM. We got a cab and rode on over.



You learn a lot about yourself at a show like that. A LOT. I can not articulate what happened at that show very well. What I can say is that I love Chippendales Strippers and they love me. I learned how powerful my green eyes can be if I lock eyes with someone and throw them a wink.

Abby’s show was watching my reaction to everything that was happening to me that I couldn’t stop watching but needed to at the same time- don’t worry, I watched the entire show. I knew big-picture I would have regretted if I was shy at that show and shy would be the furthest word to describe who I became when I went to this beautiful, classy establishment.

We definitely dressed to impress and turn all the heads!


After our fun and sexy show, we made our way back to the Caesar to get ready and prepped to go see Zedd at the Omnia. I wish I captured anything from that part of the night. But I didn’t. So, I think it’s safe to assume just how fun his show was and just how absorbed into the moment I was.

From the Chippendales show, I was on a confident high and started noticing just how many guys actually did look my way. I remembered the power of my wink and decided to put it to the test. Abby and I went to the bar and got ourselves multiple drinks since we probably wouldn’t find the bar again. We made our way to Zedd. He was beginning is set in the big room where everyone was. The room was louder than all the others and had people packed from wall to wall. We went to the belly of the beast and learned we would need to chug our drunks. I tried and decided to give them away since I could feel my body needing to dance more than I needed to drink that alcohol. The music took over, and our bodies followed. Zedd’s music was pouring into our souls and we were having the time of our lives. I love to dance, and had a partner in no time. Wanting to get closer to the stage, we ditched him and made our way to PUSH ourselves to the front. We made it. Zedd literally could hold our hands if we tried. Clarity came on. The Middle Came on. TIME OF MY LIFE. I saw extremely handsome men and winked at one at a time any time I needed a dance partner. The music was insane, then energy to match.

TWENTY Hours into Vegas and it is now 4AM, and I did it. I made it. Zedd’s show came to a close and we walked to the front of the Omnia. Instantly no music and my ears reacted violently. I couldn’t hear ANYTHING, I struggled to hear ME speak, and if I did hear myself, I sounded like I had been inhaling helium all day long. We made our way upstairs and put on much more comfortable clothing and I took all of my makeup off. Exhaustion was setting in. My legs ached, my feet literally were numb from me wearing my heels for twenty straight hours and dancing for the remaining four hours. I didn’t want to stop or leaving Vegas, but I could tell my body was begging for any version of rest.

Coming home, and reflecting my action to say YES to something so last minute and SO NEEDED for my sanity and survival of my happiness. I felt the soulful reward gained from such a fun adventure.

I remembered what Peter had told me that night, to start with small changes and have them snowball into more. He had opened google flights on my laptop and we looked at flights. I remembered New York being pretty cheap and him saying he thought THAT was where I should go and even told me to buy those tickets. At that moment, I couldn’t. I thought of so many excuses at that moment.

I have to check my work schedule to make sure that I can.

I have to make sure that my dogs are taken care of, how much would that cost?

What about lodging?

Would you really go to New York by yourself?

Then I stopped my crazy wonder. If I waited for the stars to align, for me to have perfect finances, for everything to be just perfect I would never ever pull the trigger on a trip because of all the unneeded anxiety I placed on myself.

It was as if an off switch flipped in my brain. I was on auto-pilot, self-preservation mode. I needed another adventure on the books. I opened my laptop, I went to google chrome and found my way back to google flights.

I booked my first solo trip. It was February 27th. It was the day I decided to take control of my life and choose HAPPY.

New York Here I come.

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