Eight. Finding Neverland: The Great Plan

Peter is in Neverland, and Wendy is in Atlanta. She is not the type of person to wallow in sadness even if there is sadness to be felt. So she eagerly tried to figure out what did this whole experience mean in her life? What life lesson was there to learn here? Why would you meet someone so special for a week and have them leave? There had to be a reason. Wendy personally believes that life happens for you to always learn something. Everything has a lesson, good and bad. Another question bulldozed through Wendy’s brain, Why do I feel so uneasy in the life I am currently leading? Wendy asked herself. She had everything that she needed in the modern life she led.

These are all questions Wendy had clouded her mind the following days after Peter had left. She had so desperately wanted to travel when she was 18 years old and had not gone anywhere in the past 10 years she had been on her own. Wendy was disappointed in herself as she had let time slip between her fingers. What did she have to show for it? Sure she had professional success, but she had not lived for herself truly. Wendy felt a huge sense of urgency and need to change that. She just had to, or she was spiritually going to die and physically 60-70 years later. Wendy wanted to live her life every second to the fullest by her definition and on her terms!

She then remembered what Peter had told her once late at night, start with small changes towards making greater ones. Peter that late night had encouraged Wendy to purchase a plane ticket to anywhere, but anxiety wouldn’t let Wendy pull the trigger. This frustrated Wendy, what would need to happen for her to actually JUST DO IT?

Wendy got onto her MacBook and booked a flight through google flights to New York for a weekend, solo, adventure. Boom. She immediately felt some sort of relief. However, her mind continued to race, what could she do to create a life that enabled such constant travel and exploration and yet STILL pay the bills? Her parents always said that sort of life is hard to get and probably wouldn’t be a reality. Wendy knew there had to be some way to have her cake and eat it too. I mean hell!- it was her life and she was going to have her way- or die trying to get there.

Wendy came up with some crazy, unconventional ideas and made sure to capture them so she could look into the realistic potential behind her potential. To Wendy at that moment, Peter was a short, and sweet, beautiful experience. He caused a ripple effect of change in Wendy’s life.

Wendy remembered the 7 mystery locations Peter had pinned on her phone on her Google Maps app and then reflected on Peter’s and her interactions up to that point. The story that had been set into motion had to continue she thought. Wendy could feel her creative juices flowing.

Wendy’s goals with the journey she is about to take you on:

  • To better learn about herself; life is about the relationship you have with yourself and with others, and hopefully, by sharing he story she can help you write your own too!
  • To create memories outside her obligations and routines; life is too short to work too hard for a sometimes fictitious obscure future you can not plan for
  • To share the story of how Peter came into her life, to help Wendy create her own life
  • To share the adventure that led Wendy to go and visit these seven locations chosen by Peter himself
  • To inspire others to take control of their lives and happiness
  • To tell my own, real-life story of self-discovery and happiness.

Because I am Wendy.






& I will be telling this story moving forward, in my own words, from the first person.  I will be sharing the intimate details of my adventures when I go to explore the seven wonders that were left pinned on my google maps. Expect a real-life version of Eat, Pray,  Love and/or Wild.  Only this is my story of how I learned what it means to create your own happiness and be the shining star in my own life. 

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