Five. Third Adventure with the Real Life Peter Pan

Wendy was over the moon excited when Peter invited her to come over to his friend’s house. Again, another GPS location was sent to her to find him. She got ready and went on over. On the drive over, she started letting scary thoughts creep into her mind. She wasn’t comfortable in this new city that she was now living in and was venturing to a part of town she knew nothing about. Could and would something bad happen to her? She then remembered a book she read: The Secret and The Power, and she decided to have SUPER FUCKING POSITIVE energy so that she would only attract the things she wants and loves. So Wendy channeled her energy to become a magnet for rainbows, unicorns, mermaids and butterflies and all the glittery stuff in the land.

Wendy’s car arrived at the location and it wasn’t NOT scary or questionable. She texted Peter letting him know that she had arrived. All of a sudden Wendy saw a tall blonde haired, blue eyed man poke his head out of a door from the apartment building in front of her. He had a hat on and a very old Hawaiian shirt. Yet, he still was handsome and possibly even more so. He walked her in and began introducing Wendy to his group of friends.

They were a lively bunch. A girl with a pink 60’s dress on sat holding cards for a monopoly-card game. There were two other guys outside of Peter and then a guy named Chef, the nickname Wendy gave him since he was cooking.  Wendy took her shoes off and sat down around the table. They all made room for her and she sat next to Peter and tried to understand the game without the rules being told. She watched the end of that game, and it made no sense when you compare what happens on the Monopoly board game. This card game was different, and resembled UNO, but didn’t have the same rules. They dealt Wendy in, and she barely made it through the first two games. Then, she started catching on. Drinks were made, and they were pink. Wendy didn’t know what was in them, but she drank. They were delicious. The girl ended up leaving after a few more rounds of card monopoly. She said goodbye to everyone, including Wendy. Peter’s friends were calling out Wendy’s zodiac sign, Aries, a fire sign. They were talking highly of her and how “magnetic” Wendy’s energy was. Crazy talk, but still flattering. They played music. People started singing and drumming on the table, legs or whatever they felt was right. Wendy couldn’t join in, she wasn’t on that level of comfortableness with anyone, including herself. She wished secretly she would and could allow herself to be free in that way. It wasn’t like they all were grammy winning signers and musicians. Yet, there they were living in the moment and enjoying themselves lost in pure, blissful fun.

The guys started leaving to go back into a room where incense was burnt and they sat in a circle on a blanket on the floor. Wendy thought how nice, calming, and weird. Then Peter grabbed her hand and the hand of the person next to him. They were all in a circle holding hands. Before she knew it they were all taking part in a group OHMMMMMMMM. OHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM. *in a meditative gong-like sound*

This was the strangest experience Wendy ever had.

Afterward, they all went back to the table and drank a little more and enjoyed conversation and each other’s company.

Peter then said aloud, “I think I am going to go home.”

Wendy asked, “What time is it?”


Wendy did the math in her head. Yes, she should go home too, to be smart to wake up in time the next day for work.

“I should go home too.”

Peter looked at Wendy. His eyes sparkled.

They both said goodbye and they walked out together. After the door closed behind them, Peter looked to Wendy and asked her if she wanted to go to a park with him. He said it was like 2 minutes away.

An obvious Yes spilled out of Wendy’s lips.

Peter smiled and asked for Wendy to follow him in his car.

They arrived at a park that I don’t think Wendy could find to this day. They got out of their cars, Peter kissed Wendy and they started walking out towards the dark park. The park had swings, a see-saw, slides, and large tall trees. With his arm around Wendy, Peter led her through the middle of the park. Peter then told Wendy he had to pee and he disappeared behind a tree. Wendy thought how lucky men were for the fact they could empty their bladder nearly anywhere.

Wendy looked towards the swing set and thought to herself, when is the last time I swung? She couldn’t remember. It was as if her body said that needed to change and marched right over to the swing set and sat down with Peter behind her. She started to swing and got herself higher and higher. She looked at the stars and stopped pedaling. She felt a little queasy from all the motion, she was older from the last time she did this. For Wendy, it still made her feel all the same emotions. Her stomach was left somewhere on the ground in on of the ups and downs of the swing. She saw the stars super bright. Wonder and interest filled her mind.

Peter joined her and sat on the swing next to her. Wendy shared with Peter that she used to swing so high when she was little so she can jump off and land on her feet- or at least she would try to. Peter then tried to do it and then he understood the part of the story where Wendy would try to land on her feet. It was hard, especially when you expect to get more air than you actually do.

Peter then sat back on the swing and turned to Wendy and asked, do you want to get some ice cream?

Wendy said I love ice cream!

They walked together back to their cars. Peter kissed her again.

She followed him to this place called Krog Street Market. They got out of their cars and he walked him inside. There, he took her to this place called Jeni’s Icecream. They are known to have INCREDIBLE icecream, and they definitely do not disappoint! Wendy chose the Butter Cake Batter Icecream and Peter did something with Chocolate and another more creative flavor for his second scoop. Before paying, Peter turned to Wendy and asked for permission to buy Wendy’s ice cream. YES, permission. His words were, “May I buy your ice cream?”

Wendy’s heart melted. How could someone be so thoughtful and generous in the world of 2018? In the world where people relied on technology to bring them their next partner? She was baffled, but also hopeful that she may find someone she could love.

Peter and Wendy started walking, and Peter asked if Wendy would like to stroll down the Beltline again.

Another obvious Yes. Peter was getting a lot of those from her, Wendy thought. She wasn’t scared by the obvious feelings Wendy felt for him. She had been worried her heart would never feel anything along those lines of love again. This was exciting and it worried her that it was fleeting with him leaving. Wendy decided not to let that stop her from living in this very moment.

As they began to walk together down the Beltline, his arm was around Wendy and they exchanged tastes of each other’s ice cream.

Wendy thought about how nice it was to spend such perfect and picturesque moments with him, and how she felt crazy, and so right to feel that she had feelings for him, and not something small and trivial. She loved who he was as a person. She loved the passion and zest for life he lived life with. Wendy loved how he impacted her and pushed her to see things and do things she has never done before. Wendy felt like she was truly living and learning what it means to actually live.

They finished their ice cream and Peter asked Wendy to come visit him in Colombia when he would be there. She looked at him wondering if he was being serious, and asked him, really?

Peter said, yes, I think it would be fun. She agreed. Wendy could see them hiking and having adventures that could not yet be defined. She yearned for that life she dreamt of when she was much younger. Those crazy dreams, now as an adult seemed so logical. Life is so fleeting, and happiness is a choice. Wendy hated how the world seemed to run blindly through life planning for a future they would never actually enjoy or arrive at. She felt a lot of thoughts walk through her brain both excitement and of angst.

They continued their walk and Peter grabbed Wendy’s hand and started twirling her as they were walking along the beltline.

Wendy thought again, like when they first met, is this real life? Is this MY life? And it sure was. The Atlanta pollen was reminding her how alive she was in this moment along with the surge of excitement Peter seemed to give her. She felt like she was living a dream and she felt like she really liked Peter, a lot and searched for a better word to describe those feelings. Being articulate was never Wendy’s strong suit.

Peter then turned to Wendy and said May I come back to your place. Wendy laughed and said, sure, that is something I should be asking.

She looked at him flirtatiously, and asked slowly, do you want to come back to my place?

He giggled and said yes. Peter’s eyes sparkled again. Wendy’s heart fluttered.

Walking back to their cars, Wendy said that there was a hot tub on her roof and asked if he wanted to get in. Peter’s face lit up and he had an obvious yes spill out of his lips.

Wendy showed Peter to her apartment and her dogs were there to greet them.

Wendy has two dogs, and a chocolate lab and a teddy bear, two boys, and her only babies. They have been her solid friends during this long journey alone that brought them to Atlanta. Since she’s been single, they’ve been her sweet boys. Anyone that is a dog owner would totally understand this. Moving on…

Peter started loving her puppies and Wendy shared that she was going to go get into her bathing suit. Wendy found her bathing suit in a drawer and went into her closet to start changing. She took her shirt off and left her high-wasted Madewell jeans on. There she stood topless when she remembered that she left her bedroom door opened. But, she didn’t care. She struggled to put her bikini top on and then heard the door frame on her closet door creak. It sounded like someone was there, and Wendy felt like someone was there. She looked back and it was Peter leaning against the door frame looking at Wendy’s naked back. Wendy wasn’t scared or surprised, but glad. She felt hot. Wendy, not knowing how to then react in a sexy manner, turned her head back around to try to get the top on. Unsuccessful, Peter had already begun to start rubbing Wendy’s back and kissing her neck, shoulders, and back. He picked her up and brought her back to her bed. Electricity seemed to be shocking her at random points of her body where he would be touching or kissing.

Because privacy is everything and this is actually a true story, I am going to dance around the bed here and say that Peter asked Wendy what she liked to do (and every man should as that made Wendy feel super safe and super excited to play and explore), and he made sure that Wendy was happy.

After, they went up to the hot tub to go enjoy the view of the Midtown Atlanta Skyline, at dark and lit up this time around. They played a little in the pool and the gazed at the skyline and stars as their legs and feet played games in the water.

After some time proceeded and their skin getting pruney from the water, Peter announced he wanted to get out and so Wendy and he went back downstairs where Wendy asked if he wanted a towel. Peter said no and said that he would need to get home. He said goodbye to Wendy and he left.

The night was over.


The next day, Peter texted Wendy saying that he was going to be going camping that night and just wanted to alone time to be with Mother Nature.

Wendy thought that Peter was weird, but appreciated who he was and how he knows what he needed and acted on it when he felt like it. She should do the same, Wendy thought.

Fly on-to the Next Magical Chapter:Six. Ponce City Sleepover

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