Four. The Second Adventure with the Real Life Peter Pan

The next day after Wendy’s Sunday adventure, she was glowing. She couldn’t wait to see him again. She was so intrigued to learn more. She loved how he looked at living life and how he truly LIVED life so randomly and spontaneously and so FULLY. Wendy wanted to learn everything about him.

During her workday, he texted her a meme. It wasn’t just any meme. It was a meme with the taco-man and his posse running, with the meme saying: When you remember you don’t have to work today. 28279859_997756607045127_3551677569868061035_n

It was a holiday and so it was pretty funny to see a meme Wendy and Peter helped create. Texting conversation flowed, they shared what audible books they are listening too, what recent ted talk he listened too. He challenged her mentally, and it was fun. She really enjoyed what he had to say.

After work that day, Peter came to Wendy’s house to hang out. Once there, Wendy asked if Peter wanted to go to the rooftop? Peter, said yes. Wendy didn’t tell him that is was an AMAZING view of the Atlanta Midtown Skyline & the absolute reason why she even chose to live there.

So, after getting out of the elevator, and walked down the hall to outside on the rooftop, he was so taken aback by how magnificent the buildings looked and how peaceful the busy city looked from that perspective. Peter didn’t say a word but just melted into a chair on the rooftop and staired. Wendy couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Was he really moved that much from the view? Why hadn’t she been so awestruck and just soaked in her surroundings like Peter did? She was seeing how Peter just really slowed himself down to truly enjoy everything around him and she liked that. Wendy wanted that for herself. She had always been operating on all cylinders and feeling like she literally sprints through life. Wendy wanted to be a turtle versus the rabbit- for once. There seemed to be some incredible peace and happiness that lied there.

Wendy up to that day had let fear of getting robbed, raped, and murdered in the city keep her from exploring TOO much on her own. Peter asked Wendy if she wanted to walk around with him. Obvious yes. Time to face Wendy’s fear. They walked up North Avenue to Peachtree Street. Down past the Fox Theater, and then eventually found there way back to her house. They saw a lot of questionable characters that would have scared her otherwise that Peter said hello too. Peter gazed at his surroundings barely ever saying a word. Looking up at the buildings, at the people around him. All he ever did was smile the entire time and then he said, Let’s walk back. Peter left, hugging Wendy goodbye.

Wendy was disappointed he didn’t kiss her once. She then remembered that it really doesn’t matter. She had been single for three years up to that point and what was the rush to change that? Wendy still was on her self-discovery journey and decided that she just wanted to learn as much as she could from him.  Later, Wendy texted Peter thanking him for taking 8000 steps with her that day (her phone tracks it). He said he enjoyed each and every one of them as well.

The night ended.

Fly on-to the next Chapter in this magical story: Five. Third Adventure with the Real Life Peter Pan


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