Three. Peter Teaches Wendy to Fly

With one o’clock approaching, Wendy uses the location sent by Peter to find her way to the Atlanta Beltline to the specific location he had texted to Wendy.

Walking up to the park, Wendy grew more and more nervous. She realized what she had truly agreed to. ACROYOGA. Not aerial yoga, which is what she had originally thought. There is a drastic difference between both yoga practices. Realizing this difference freaked her out. Acroyoga requires trust, human touch, balance, strength, poise, and all on a first date. Wendy knew she liked some of those things, but all together would definitely put her outside her comfort zone and made her anxiety spike. She kept walking in the direction her Google Maps took her.

With perfected timing, Wendy’s best friend from Galveston Island, Texas called her. She needed to talk to Wendy and Wendy listened. Wendy then explained what she was about to do with this guy Peter. Her loving best friend told her to fall on his face and enjoy the day. With Wendy’s stomach dropping to the floor with the additional thought planted by her best friend, they laughed, hung up, and Wendy continued her trek to find Peter.

Atlanta BeltLineArt 2105 August 19, 2015 photos by Christopher T Martin
Atlanta BeltLine Art 2105 August 19, 2015 photos by Christopher T Martin

Peter had told her he was near the big metal star artwork piece. Wendy had no idea what he spoke of but knew what it was right when she saw it. You absolutely could not miss it. It was the first warm day of the year and there was a sea of people in the park, but Wendy could easily pick him out of the crowd; especially since his shirt was off which made him stand out.

Wendy walked up to Peter and he stood up. Tall, he was really, really tall. He hugged Wendy with no shirt, and weak in the knees is what Wendy felt.

Not wasting any time, Peter asked Wendy, do you want to fly?


Just kidding, he didn’t say that exactly, but he did ask her if she wanted to do some acroyoga and technically Wendy was the “flyer”. Wendy said yes and then blurted out nervously that she has NEVER done this before, and it terrifies her. She also made sure he knew that she was still doing it.

Peter asked Wendy, do you trust me?

Real talk here, Wendy has trust issues in relationships & rightfully so. Her previous relationship guaranteed that.

Wendy explained to Peter it’s not you, but trust is a thing I have been trying to work on. He said great, then you should really do this.

He lied with his back on the ground with his feet in the air, places his feet on Wendy’s hip bones. Peter asks for Wendy to grab Peter’s hands and Wendy is flying. Well, Peter and Wendy were doing bird pose and it absolutely felt like flying.

Something like:


Looking around, Wendy noticed people watching. She instantly felt shy and then saw people taking their phones out to capture what appears to be a moment. Wendy decided to look down, and there were Peter’s bright blue eyes. Wendy decided that felt safer and locked eyes with him instead. Quoting Talladega Nights, Wendy said, “I don’t know what to do with my hands.” Peter told Wendy can do anything with your hands. Perfect direction Peter, thank you, thought awkward Wendy.

Wendy was absolutely having a great time with Peter. Peter and Wendy were doing poses and then having conversations in between. It was fun, light-hearted, and Wendy felt like a kid for the first time in probably 20 years. He was fun and mentally stimulating. An avid reader and well traveled. He had an intense and positive energy that spilled over onto everyone around him.

Randomly, a whole entire acroyoga class showed up at the park to start an acrojam. More acroyoga. More adrenaline. More new things. More fun.

Eventually, Wendy started feeling her muscles fatigue and decided to take a break. She and Peter sat next to each other and he then put his arm around her.  Wendy and Peter started watching another couple begin to get into an extremely “next level” pose when something out of this world happened.

*cue drumroll*

A man, in a large taco costume, with a posse of friends dressed as a margarita and then a lime, ran up to Peter and Wendy.

Yes, a taco.

The taco asked, “Are you a couple? We are shooting a music video and need you to kiss! Want to be in it?”

Baffled, and at a loss for words, Wendy struggled to find anything to say. No worries because Peter found his words first and turned to Wendy to ask her, “you down?” Words broke free for Wendy, “Yes.”

Instantly Wendy’s mind went WHAT! -the fuck is happening. Is this my life? Is this real life?

Taco-man seemed delighted and then disappeared after he said he would be right back.

With adrenaline pumping, both Peter and Wendy are sitting next to each other, but staring off into a distance. One far East, one far West. Wendy was overcome with excitement and anxiety. The sun seemed brighter and the background noise drowned out. Almost at the same moment, they looked at each other when Peter said, we should probably practice and leaned in for a kiss. It was a long kiss and a very good one at that. Not rushed, but enjoyed and savored. Soft, but firm. Not messy but still some passion. Speaking his mind, Peter told Wendy she was a great kisser. Wendy enjoyed how honest and non-secretive with his thoughts he was with her. He was very forward and thoughtful at the same time.

Taco-man came running back explaining to Peter and Wendy they have a blanket laid out for them to sit on and guided Peter and Wendy over to their mark.

Wendy felt like she was floating on clouds as she walked over to the mauve, knitted blanket that was stretched over the brown-green spring grass. They were asked to sit in the middle of it. A director had a camera, lights and explained the scene: “you’re madly in love, you’re making out, these dudes are running by you and hit you/Peter in the head to interrupt the kiss. You/Wendy looks confused and then we end scene.”

Wendy thought this is seriously happening in my own real life.

The director then asked for a practice round, although no one told them to stop kissing. So that lasted beyond what was needed for a practice. However, no complaints when it is a great kiss.

Right before the actual scene was filmed, Wendy had to ask him. She looked at Peter and said, “I know this is crazy, and I don’t think you actually did, but I still have to ask– did you plan this?! Did you set this up?”

Peter chuckled and almost stammered, “ I wish I was that suave, but no.” They both laughed.

Director yelled ACTION!

They start kissing.

They keep kissing.

Taco-man hits Peter’s head to interrupt as he runs by getting chased by his margarita and lime entourage. Wendy stares back at Peter and his eyes and looks back at the idiots who interrupted the kiss. It was a perfect scene and they nailed it just as the director ordered.

As Peter and Wendy stood up and walked back to their belongings, he asked her if she would want to walk from Old Fourth Ward Park to Piedmont Park. The answer was yes.

The whole way there Peter placed his arm around Wendy’s shoulders. She loved how fun and easy it was to be with him. She loved how he pushed her to be fearless. She felt the most alive and free arguably her whole life in this day with him. Together, they walked all the way to the Piedmont Park and found a place to sit near some guys playing some bongos/drums. Wendy sat on the edge of the stone wall in Indian-style. Peter straddled the wall and pulled Wendy super close and between his legs as one leg dangled over the wall. Peter and Wendy began talking and he held and caressed her hand and they had conversation.

Peter started saying how it sucks that he met someone he is vibing with so much.

Wendy thinks, keep talking, & please, elaborate…

Peter then continues to say how he bought a one-way ticket to Neverland and is leaving in a week, next Tuesday specifically.

Wendy was tempted to look up into the sky and scream. Why does it seem like she can’t meet anyone? She has been single for three years, and gosh- at first excitement you learn that the dude is leaving. How could such a perfect first date not have a future relationship? But, that would be selfish if she did that. Instead, she shared how that she wishes she was brave enough to do that and that it had always been a dream of hers to do something quite similar.

While Peter was leaving in a week, Wendy didn’t want to just cut this thing short. She wanted to see him again. She couldn’t imagine that the universe would bring someone into her life for one perfect day, there had to be much more to it, right?

Peter walked her all the way back to where they met, and all the way back to her car. Wendy said thank you to him for such a great day. Peter said it was a very serendipitous day indeed.  They were both grinning ear to ear. Peter leaned in and kissed her goodbye with one of those perfect goodbye kisses. There are no words that exist that can describe that kiss.

Wendy thought again what a PERFECT day this just was.

Fly on-to the next Chapter in this Magical Story: Four. The Second Adventure with the Real Life Peter Pan


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