Seven. Last Time Wendy Saw Peter

The whole day Wendy felt anxious. She had so much to tell him but it would possibly be premature. She didn’t know how little or how much she would want to disclose. So she began thinking of the options.

What it boiled down to, she loved him. Wendy loved him as a person. He brought happiness into her life and really showed her how to create that happiness in her own life. He was a stone dropped into a lake causing a ripple effect within Wendy’s life. She decided not to put pressure on anything beyond the fact she really appreciates him as a person and the positive impact he has had on her life. Wendy was determined to create a reality where she traveled and sucked the marrow out of life as the Dead Poets Society would proclaim. Still, saying goodbye can feel devastating.

Peter had said he planned on being in Neverland for 3-4 months and then to China for about the same. That would mean it wouldn’t be until possible September she would see him again. This at least gave Wendy some realistic boundaries to reason with as she waited to hear from Peter.

Peter texted her asking if he could come over. She said okay. When he was over, they spoke a little and listened to music. Peter grabbed Wendy’s phone and started tagging “places you should go” on google maps so Wendy had some places to go on an adventure too. Wendy thought that was either really sweet or really romantic.

Peter brought up how Wendy should visit him in Neverland again, and that only confirmed that she hadn’t dreamt he had asked her the other night. She told him she would love to and just would want to know when to come from him. They planned to longboard/walk to Ponce City Market for Dinner with friends. They took turns riding the longboard. On one of Wendy’s turns, Peter told Wendy she could have his longboard.

Wendy was in shock, he is giving me his longboard. She told him that he could have it back when he returned. He said that it was hers and he would probably just scoop up another one somewhere else.

On the way to Ponce City Market, the pair came across a guy playing basketball by himself, he was practicing shooting. Peter walked up without telling Wendy what he was doing and asked the guy if we (Peter and Wendy) could challenge him to a game of Horse. The guy said okay.

Wendy nervously admitted that she was awful and basketball and giggled like it didn’t bother her. She never makes a shot.

They begin what is probably the least impressive game of Horse and Wendy never, ever made a shot. She got her H-O-R-S-E so fast it was really sad. Peter and the other guy played each other and ended up making it a better game. After the game was over, Peter exchanged numbers with the guy he had just met and then Peter and Wendy continued on their walk to Ponce City Market.

Upon finally arriving at PCM, they went to Tap to go buy drinks. Wendy got herself a cider and chugged it fast enough to get a buzz on the one drink. They walked together to the upper floor where there was some really cool industrial-styled seating. Wendy proceeded to tell Peter how grateful she is to have met him and am so happy that he had awakened this need to make myself happy and do what I have been wanting to do for a very long time.

Peter’s friend arrives and meets them where they were. His name is “J” for the purpose of this story. Together they went to Modern Mystic where they looked at every gemstone and then the tarot cards. Peter bought himself tarot cards. They walk outside where the piano is in the upstairs, outside part of PCM, right before you hit the beltline and they sit in the surrounding chairs and start reading each other’s cards.

Before Wendy knew it, J was saying goodbye to Peter and he was saying how he needed to leave too. Wendy felt anxiety rush through her body, this was not the goodby she had wanted or really was planning for. With her phone dead, Wendy asked Peter if she could get a ride back to her place, and he said yes. About twenty steps later, Peter then turned to Wendy to say that he really wanted his alone time as we walked the Beltline one last time and if he could call me a Lyft.

Not wanting to be needy, Wendy told Peter that his plan would be fine, and he called the Lyft and called to let the driver know a girl would be waiting by herself with a longboard, not him & that he was the one to call the ride.

Peter and Wendy said goodbye.

Goodbye and Wendy Cried. She didn’t let it become audible until she was hopefully sure that Peter would not here. The tears grew bigger, and the sobs louder. Her heart was broken and she was embarrassing herself. Wendy struggled to compose herself as there was no one around to truly worry about to hear her sound so pathetic. The Lyft drove up and picked up crying Wendy. Wendy lived down the street, so the drive was short. She got out and locked herself in her apartment to put herself to bed. If he was going to be in her life in a more permanent sense, maybe he would come back. he knew big-picture, that he was just something the universe brought into her life to teach her a lesson.

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