Six. Ponce City Sleepover


Wendy walked in wearing a black silk romper and black glitter Betsy Johnson heels. Since it was chilly, she wore a merlot faux fur bomber jacket over it. She nailed that outfit, and when she walked in, it was as if the room looked all at once at her and she found her friends.

It was the weekend, a Friday to be exact. Peter’s last weekend in town. Wendy’s friends invited her to meet them at this place called Gypsy Kitchen for Happy Hour. They shared sangria and had a great time wing-womaning for Wendy.

Afterward, Wendy met up with Peter at Ponce City Market. He had texted Wendy that he was sitting up at the piano. Wendy knew exactly where that was and got out of her Lyft to head into Ponce City Market to go upstairs to meet Peter. As she was walking up, look fly, slaying the night, Peter saw Wendy and you could tell he noticed that she looked good. He told Wendy she looked pretty.

Over in the corner, there was a guy playing a keyboard. He was super eccentric, and Peter asked Wendy if she would be cool to hang out with him for a bit. She said yes and they sat on the ground to listen to this guy play. The conversation was flowing and the love of music was in the air when the musician offered to go into The Mercury, a bar, and restaurant in Ponce City Market, to buy us drinks. Next, they knew, they were all walking together to the bar and sat there.

“Three shots of whiskey,” the musician said.

Gulp, Wendy doesn’t drink shots, especially whiskey. She does it anyway.

The musician’s girlfriend shows up and hangs out with everyone for a mutual one drink. She then takes him home.

Peter turns to Wendy and asks if he could stay the night. Wendy said okay. They get a Lyft back to her place. They do adult things, and most guys in Wendy’s past just “do the damn thing.” Peter was slower and more sensual, and that is all the details Wendy would want to indulge.

They wake up, more adult time.

Then breakfast time. Peter wants to make Wendy breakfast. They get dressed and walk to the Publix behind her apartment. The buy eggs, cheese, bacon, and pancake mix the breakfast essentials.

Wendy preps the Swedish pancake mix, and Peter fixes the eggs. Wendy heats the pan and then drops the butter into the pan, it burns and the alarm goes off. Wendy tries to keep it cool and gets the alarms to stop after waiving a pillow off her bed in front of the alarm. Trying it again, Peter took the lead. He flipped the cake with the pan. Super impressive, Wendy thought. Peter turned to Wendy and asked if she wanted to try. Wendy was scared and said yes anyway. Stumbling at first, Wendy couldn’t even get the cake to move in the pan. Finding that finesse needed to accomplish that, she got the cake to the very edge of the pan, and Peter told her that she could flick her wrist and the pan to flip the cake. She followed through and DID IT!

Wendy jumped for joy! Every risk Wendy had been taking lately was rewarded in some positive way! This made Wendy just want to do even more new things, especially the stuff that scared her.

Enjoying their breakfast, Peter took the liberty to play some music. He chose something Wendy had never heard. Rhye, it was such a beautiful sound and Wendy fell in love with their music immediately. Another beautiful thing Peter brought into Wendy’s life. She was really appreciating everything about his very being and effect he had on people, especially herself.


Peter looks at Wendy and asks if she wants to go on a bike ride, he had a motorcycle too. What the fuck did this boy not do that didn’t make Wendy’s heart race faster? Apparently, there was always something more to him to intrigue her further. That is a beautiful person. Wendy wanted any chance to be with him and told him she wanted to go on the bike ride.

She drove him to where he left his bike parked overnight near the beltline & Two Urbanlicks. He gave her his jacket to keep her warm and a helmet. He climbed on and then Wendy did too. He started the engine and then there were intense vibrations from the bike everywhere. They were off and it was like a magic carpet ride in Alladin. They drive past a farmers market, and at the next light, he asks Wendy if she wanted to go back and check it out. Of course, Wendy did and so they went back. The turns were so intense, like nearly doing the matrix to make it around the turn with the bike. They park and take off their helmets and jackets and walked up to the farmers market together.

The sun was shining and there was a violinist playing. It was the cutest little farmers market Wendy had ever seen. Fresh flowers to purchase, fresh sheep’s cheese, vegetables, delicious looking mushrooms and gemstones. Peter bought 2 apples, one for him and one for Wendy. They ate it as they lapped the place to make sure they didn’t miss anything. After their second lap, Peter and Wendy went back to the bike to drop Wendy off at her car.

Sadness sunk into Wendy’s heart and bled into her stomach. She knew there time together was almost coming to an end like an inevitable end to every summer. She took off the jacket and helmet and said goodbye to Peter. He hugged her and said that he had plans for the weekend but definitely would want to see her before he would leave to Neverland. She was happy to hear that but also knew that meant she only would see him after work Monday night.

Fly On-To the Next Chapter of this Magical Story: Seven. Last Time Wendy Saw Peter


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